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[Correspondence between Luiz Alaniz and John J. Herrera - 1977-09-13]

Description: Letter of recommendation from John J. Herrera to Luis Alaniz on behalf of Richard M. Garza, mentioning that Herrera himself sold copies of the Houston Chronicle back in the 1920s and early 1930s. The letter from Luiz Alaniz verifies that Richard Garza is employed by the Houston Chronicle to sell papers. Both letters are printed on the same page with Houston Chronicle letterhead.
Date: September 13, 1977
Creator: Alaniz, Luis & Herrera, John J.

[Invitation from The All Americans Council of the National Democratic Committee to a reception]

Description: Invitation postcard from The All Americans Council of the National Democratic Committee for a reception at the Rice Hotel Crystal Ballroom on Sunday November 1, 1964. The speakers will be Albert Thomas, from the Congressional 8th District and Dr. Edward D. Re, Chairman of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, Washington D.C. At the bottom of the card shows "L.B.J. for the U.S.A." Response card with envelope included.
Date: November 1, 1964
Creator: All Americans Council of the National Democratic Committee

[Minutes from the LULAC National Supreme Council Meeting - 1976-06-27]

Description: Minutes from the LULAC National Supreme Council Meeting at the Flagship Hotel in Galveston, Texas on June 27, 1976. Some of the topics discussed at this meeting include a lawsuit against LULAC and Mr. Douglas Clark, ratification of appointments, and procedural issues between the Supreme Council and the Board of Education.
Date: June 27, 1976
Creator: Alvarado, Deborah D.

[Letter from Albert Armendariz to Frank M. Pinedo - 1955-02-17]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of letter from Albert Armendariz, League of United Latin American Citizens National Officer, to Frank M. Pinedo, stating that Armendariz no longer wishes to be National Officer of LULAC due to unfair acts committed against members of LULAC. The letter outlines the impeachment of John J. Herrera and David Longoria and mentions the action taken against the LULAC lodge. "It is no longer safe to act on behalf of the Lulac Organization, for the danger of impeachment without a hearing will menace our every action or inaction [...] it pains me greatly to know that our Organization, the Supreme Council, would be guilty of condemning without an opportunity to be heard."
Date: February 17, 1955
Creator: Armendariz, Albert