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[Sarabia Bookstore]

Description: Photograph of the Sarabia Bookstore and two unidentified men.
Date: 1920
Creator: Suarez, Luis
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[Scordino Boot Shop, 1920]

Description: Photograph of Scordino Boot Shop, circa 1920. From left to right: unknown ; unknown ; unknown ; unknown ; Victor Scordino ; Scordino's son ; Edmundo S. Moreno. Edmundo Moreno had his own shop in San Luis where he made military boots.
Date: 1920
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[Photograph of two men wearing suits and ties]

Description: Photograph of two men dressed in suit and tie. New Year's Day greeting card. Printed on the card: "Gran circo Padron. Compañía Mexicana de Variedades, deseo a Ud. Un Feliz año. Benjamo, Gro. Enero 1 de 1922."
Date: January 1, 1922

[Houston docks, 1922]

Description: Photograph of the Houston docks from 1922. Men work on the deck of a ship.
Date: July 28, 1922
Creator: Schlueter, Frank L.

[Wedding photograph of Ignacio and Virginia Acosta]

Description: Photograph of Ignacio and Virginia Acosta taken on August 5, 1923. The bride is dressed in white with a white head veil decorated with flowers. She holds a bunch of white flowers in her hand. The groom wears a suit with bow tie.
Date: August 5, 1923

[Boys basketball team, Holding Institute, San Antonio, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Boys Basketball Team at the Holding Institute, San Antonio, Texas. Team for the years 1923-24. In the center, a player is holding a ball marked 1924. First row, left to right: Captain Ralph W. Emerson ; Lafitto Jesus Kawas ; Manuel Garcia ; Corrado Alvarado ; Hidalgo Ramos. Second row, left to right: Eloi Leal ; Roberto Goreno ; Solomon Masso ; Alfredo Barrero ; Fidelio Guerero.
Date: 1924
Creator: Garcia's Studio

[Girls basketball team, Holding Institute, San Antonio, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the girls basketball team, San Antonio Texas. In the center, a player is holding a basketball marked, "HH 24". Back row, from left to right: Juana Gomez ; Mary Dobbs ; Myrtie Jones, Captain ; Eula Hill ; Mary Nixon. Middle row, from left to right: Anita Alarcon ; Wilson ; Carmen Rodriguez ; Francisco Perez ; Ema Trevino. Front row, from left to right: Consuelo de Leon ; Noemi Cavazos ; Celia Osuna.
Date: 1924
Creator: Garcia's Studio

[Photograph of Apolo Six band]

Description: Photograph of the members of the Apolo Six Band (left to right): Roberto Garcia, drummer ; Tony Rubio, saxophone ; Arnulfo Olivares, banjo or mandolin ; Prof. Jesus Gabino Gonzales, piano (from town of Pajocuanon, Michoocon) ; Elisco Vara, clarinet ; Tomas Aquilar, violin.
Date: 1926

[Coronation of Mexico Bello Queen]

Description: Photograph of coronation ceremony of Mexico Bello Queen. Men, left to right: Dr. Luis Vensor ; Mario Lozano ; Jose Valdez ; Fernando Salas ; Mexican Consul Barrera ; Jose Buentello ; E.J. Garcia ; Dr. Angel Leyva ; Armando Morton ; Fernando Sepulveda. Women, left to right: Juanita Gutierrez ; Dolores Gutierrez ; Carmen Euerte ; Cynthia Garcia ; Queen Bertha Macias ; Miss Brett ; Elvira Luna ; Mimi Ypina ; Eloise Gonzalez.
Date: September 16, 1926
Creator: Schlueter, Frank J.

[Wedding portrait of Juan and Rosita Illescas]

Description: Wedding photograph of Juan and Rosita Illescas. Juan is sitting on a chair dressed in a three-piece black suit and white bow tie. He is wearing white gloves on his right hand, and holding the gloves of his left hand. Rosita, holding white flowers, is dressed in white dress and white shoes. She is wearing a lacy head band, and a long veil, and is standing behind Juan. On the cover of the photograph is a engraving of a bride.
Date: September 26, 1926
Creator: Ronquilla Foto

[Lopez Barber Shop, 1927]

Description: Photograph of employees of the Lopez Barber Shop. Man on the far right is Deteris Lopez.
Date: 1927

[Men on bridge in Old City Park, 1927]

Description: Photograph of six men standing on the bridge in the Old City Park, Houston, Texas. Left to right: unidentified ; Manuel Breth ; Juan Reyes ; unidentified ; A. Castillo ; unidentified.
Date: 1927
Creator: Pho'to_Gene Studio

[Scordino Boot Shop, 1927]

Description: Photograph of Scordino Boot Shop on 1700 Congress Avenue. From left to right: unknown ; unknown ; unknown ; Edmund S. Moreno ; Victor Scordino (owner of the shop) ; customer. Moreno lived in 2nd Ward during this time.
Date: 1927
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[Soccer team, all men]

Description: Photograph of a soccer team from Houston, Texas, in 1927. Standing, from left to right: Santos Nieto ; Salvador Telles ; A. Navarro ; Augustine Castillo ; Benny Lee. Kneeling, from left to right: Jose Juarez ; Gaspar Castillo ; Cebero Ayala. Sitting, from left to right: Antonio Lopez ; Charley Farias ; F. Rodriguez. Nieto Park in Magnolia Park is named after Santos Nieto.
Date: 1927

[South Pacific Soccer Team, late 1920s]

Description: Photograph of a soccer team, South Pacific, during the late 1920s, probably 1927. Twenty-two men pictured. Most of the players were Houston residents originally from Mexico.
Date: 1927?

[Azteca Theater]

Description: Photograph of people at the Azteca Theater.
Date: July 15, 1927
Creator: Schlueter, Frank J.
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