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Wright says Pickle is aiding Blakley in race

Description: Newspaper clipping about Jim Wright, U.S. Congressman, saying that the Texas Employment Commission member Jake Pickle is helping William A. Blakley in the senatorial campaign.
Date: unknown

The next four years

Description: An editorial from the New York Times endorsing George McGovern for the President of the United States.
Date: September 28, 1972
Creator: New York Times

Pro-Connally cards faked, Gonzalez says

Description: Newspaper article about Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez stating that the postcards being mailed with his endorsement of John B. Connally were fraudulent and unauthorized.
Date: 196u
Creator: Chronicle Washington Bureau

Connally jumps on 'outsiders' meddling'

Description: Article about a rally in Amarillo at which John B. Connally decried "'out-of-state' meddling in Texas politics" as a counter to his opponent's charges that he represented Eastern interests.
Date: May 23, 1962
Creator: Boyd, Lou

Don Yarborough manager denies cold beer served

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Houston Chronicle reporting a publishing error that said that cold beer was served at the Don Yarborough campaign headquarters. This was denied by Rex Braun, Harris County Campaign Manager for Yarborough.
Date: May 5, 1964

LBJ cancels part of Texas weekend

Description: Clipping from a unknown newspaper about President Lyndon Johnson cancelling a part of the weekend visit to Texas because of international developments.
Date: 196u

Press finds many critics at convention

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Chicago Daily News about how TV newscasters, columnists and commentators are criticized for expressing their views on political leaders.
Date: unknown
Creator: Turner, Terry

Gov. Brown sniffs air for fascism

Description: Clipping from an unidentified newspaper about California Governor Edmund Brown, a Democrat, voicing his disappointment with the Republican Party's Presidential nominee, Senator Barry Goldwater.
Date: unknown

Complete Harris returns

Description: Newspaper clipping of the complete election returns from all of Harris County's 279 voting precincts for the 1964 general election.
Date: November 1964

Harris County Democratic vote

Description: Clipping from an unidentified newspaper of the semi-official Democratic primary returns compiled by County clerk, R.E. Turrentine.
Date: May 5, 1964

Texas election returns

Description: Newspaper clipping from an unidentified newspaper reporting the Texas election returns issued by the Texas Election Bureau.
Date: unknown
Creator: Associated Press

Columnist attack hurt, Barry says

Description: Newspaper clipping from Houston Post about Barry Goldwater's remarks the effect of columnists and media during his campaign for President. Goldwater comments that these attach hurt his chances for the White House.
Date: November 5, 1964

One Republican is left in legislature

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Houston Post stating that the Democratic Party has made a clean sweep in the Texas Legislative districts, except for one Republication position in the House. There are no Republicans in the Texas State Senate.
Date: November 5, 1964

[Clippings about the Little School of 400, 1960]

Description: Article titled "Trustee Set Pre-School English Program," written by David Lopez and published in The Laredo Times on Friday, January 15, 1960. The article discusses the pre-school summer program sponsored by the Laredo League of United Latin American Citizens Council. Second article: "English project: Lulacs to aid schools," published in unspecified paper. Article on the reverse: "'Little School of 400' sets pace, and San Antonio falling in line," written by Charles Richardson and published in The Houston Press on Saturday, January 23, 1960. Includes a photograph of Ralph Cardenas, John A. Esquivel, Joe Olivares, Felix Tijerina, and Roy S. Padilla.
Date: January 15, 1960
Creator: Lopez, David & Richardson, Charles

Latest state returns on primary voting

Description: Article titled "Latest State Returns on Primary Voting"; author, date, and publisher are not noted. The article list the returns for all Texas counties on the Democratic and the Republican Primaries.
Date: unknown

Latin group here won't back PASO

Description: Article titled "Latin Group Here Won't Back PASO." The article refers to the Greater Houston Latin American Progressive Association announcing that it does not currently endorse any candidate in Democratic primary.
Date: unknown

LULAC Banquet

Description: Clipping of a portion of an article titled "LULAC Banquet." The clipping includes a black and white photograph of Dr. George J. Garza.
Date: 196u

More than 200 PWs identified as Texas as end of list nears

Description: Newspaper clipping from The Houston Post, Friday, December 21, year unknown. The article contains a list of Texans serving in the military that appeared on a Communist list of prisoners of war in North Korea. This particular listing has 18 names circled in pencil, all of them with Hispanic surnames.
Date: unknown
Creator: Associated Press

'Latinos' traits pamphlet blasted

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Brownsville Herald of Brownsville, Texas, dated March 11, 1952. The article is entitled "Latinos' Traits Pamphlet Blasted." The article covers discussions held at an assembly of Latin Americans at Mission, Texas, on the pamphlet published by the University of Texas, "The Wetback in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas," written by Lyle Saunders and Olen E. Leonard. The assembly condemned the features of the pamphlet.
Date: March 11, 1952

Frank Ferree Multado y Sentenciado a 3 dias de Carcel

Description: Full page from the "El Tiempo" newspaper published in Harlingen, Texas, dated June 20, 1952, which features several articles about Frank Ferree of Harlingen, Texas, who was jailed on contempt charges when he wrote a letter to the Texas Good Neighbor Commission complaining that the court had been prejudiced in their decision to sentence Roberto Jiminez to a 10-year sentence.
Date: June 20, 1952

Three hero medal winners to be honored Sunday

Description: Clipping from a newspaper about a dance given by the Houston Council of the League of United Latin American Citizens to honor three Congressional Medal of Honor winners: Macario Garcia, Clteo Rodriguez and Lucina Adams.
Date: September 1945

L.U.L.A.C pays homage to Sugar Land war hero

Description: Clipping from The Houston Post about a LULAC meeting held to honor Staff Sgt. Macario Garcia. Garcia received the Congressional Medal of Honor on August 23, 1945, from President Harry Truman. Post photograph features Robert E. Smith ; Sergeant Macario Garcia ; and John J. Herrera. Article is from page 1 of Section 2, Friday, September 7, 1945 edition.
Date: September 7, 1945
Creator: Gregory, Martha

[Clip from an unidentified publication about John J. Herrera]

Description: Clip from an unidentified publication containing John J. Herrera's name and title, Past National President of LULAC. The clipping contains the LULAC emblem and the words: "My Congratulations to the San Antonio Lulac Council No. 2 Pioneers in the Lulac Scholaship Plan."
Date: unknown

Well done, Mr. Shepperd

Description: Clipping of an article in The Waco News-Tribune about Texas attorney general John Ben Shepperd and his accomplishments, while in office, for the state of Texas. The article addresses Shepperd's foil of a "Communist inspired plot". It also elaborates on Shepperd's staff and his accomplishments on "a staggering amount of legal labor expended on behalf of the people of Texas." There is an emphasis at the end of the return of unused budget money to the state treasury, a show of his "efficiency" while in office.
Date: January 22, 1954