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[Azteca Theater]
Photograph of people at the Azteca Theater.
[Flyer for the film “La Paloma"]
Flyer for the film "La Paloma", giving a summary, cast list and details of the movie shown at Teatro Azteca. The film starred Medea de Novara as Empress Carlota.
[Letter to Nicandro Medrano - 1926-09-29]
Letter to Nicandro Medrano, dated September 29, 1926, regarding a personal family matter and recent correspondence.
[Property tax receipt for Nicholas Negreta from Harrisburg Independent School District]
Postcard sent to Nicholas Negreta for a property tax receipt No. 4858 from Harrisburg Independent School District, Harrisburg, Texas dated 1925 for $4.30 for lot 11, Block 2, Division MPS, Value $500. Sent to Nicholas Negreta at his address, 1014 Woodbury.
[Christmas card sent by Esther - 1932]
Christmas card sent by Esther from Houston dated Christmas Eve, 1932. The printed text of the card reads: "To wish you all happiness / at Christmas and throughout / the coming year."
[Water service bill for Nicandro Medrano from the City of Houston]
Water service bill sent to Nicandro Medrano at 1101 Wooding, Houston, Texas, for the month of February 1939. On the back stamped, Postage .01, and Houston, Texas Feb. 13, 1939.
[Water service bill for Nicandro Medrano from the City of Magnolia Park]
Water bill sent from the City of Magnolia Park, City Water Department, to Nicandro Medrano, 1101 Wooding Street, for 0.75 cents.
Good Neighbor Teen-age Basketball League All Stars
Clipping from the magazine El Puerto Volume 1, Number 2, Houston, Texas, Oct. 1959. Contains a colored picture of the "Good Neighbor Teen-age Basketball League" before their final game of the season with the "Medias Negras" from Piedras Negras, Coah, Mexico. The league played at Piedras Negras Labor Day.
[Letter from Jose Angel Medrano to Elizabeth Cisneros - 1947-08-02]
Letter to Elizabeth Cisneros, Secretary, Club Recreativo Regis, inviting members of the club to the first anniversary Ball of the Club Recreativo de Veterans, Houston, Texas, on August 3, 1947. The letter is signed by Jose Angel Medrano of Club Recreativo de Veteranos. Included with the letter are two typed sheets of the names of the 1947 members of Club Recreativo de Veteranos, Houston, Texas, with their addresses.
[Clipping of a grand function to be held at Edison Junior High School]
Newspaper clipping of an advertisement of a function at Edison Junior High School to be held on February 1, 1942.
[Coronation of Queen Ofelia of the Fiesta de la Raza]
Newspaper clipping of the coronation of Queen Ophelia I on October 11, 1942, on the grounds of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston, Texas. The coronation was part of the Fiesta de la Raza.
[Wedding photograph of Ignacio and Virginia Acosta]
Photograph of Ignacio and Virginia Acosta taken on August 5, 1923. The bride is dressed in white with a white head veil decorated with flowers. She holds a bunch of white flowers in her hand. The groom wears a suit with bow tie.
[Photograph of Joe A. Medrano]
Photograph of a postal delivery boy, Joe A. Medrano, sitting on a chair, dressed in postal uniform, cap and boots.
[Photograph of Jose Angel Medrano as a young boy]
Photograph of Jose Angel Medrano. He is a young boy, dressed in white, standing on a carpet and resting his hand on a chair.
[Photograph of Jose Angel Medrano]
Photograph of Jose Angel Medrano. Jose is sitting on a chair dressed in a navy suit.
[Postcard portrait of Franco Jimenez]
Postcard featuring an image of Franco Jimenez taken in Fresno, California. Franco is sitting on a chair, dressed in a suit and bow tie.
[Two boys at the opening of Hidalgo Park]
Photograph of two boys, one with cap on, at the opening of Hidalgo Park in Houston, Texas.
[Ofelia Medrano, 1942 Queen of Immaculate Heart of Mary]
Photograph of Ofelia Medrano, wife of Carlos Gonzalez. She is standing at the doorway wearing a white long dress and a beautiful white crown on her head.
[Paul Perez and Ofelia Medrano at the fund raising celebration]
Photograph of Paul Perez and Ofelia Medrano at the 1942 celebration for the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church to raise funds for a new church building.
[Fundraiser at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church]
Photograph of the 1942 celebration at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, in Magnolia Park, Houston, Texas for fundraising to build a new church building.
[Our Lady of Guadalupe, annual bazaar]
Composite photograph of our Lady of Guadalupe bazaar. The bazaar was an annual event.
[Photograph of men and a woman in a kitchen]
Photograph of five men and one woman in the kitchen. One man sitting in a chair and the others standing. Two large tables, three oversized kitchen utensils and two boxes can be seen in the photograph.
[Photograph of women and a man standing in a bakery]
Photograph of three women and one man standing in a bakery. Baked goods are visible on the carts and tables.
[Photograph of Pilar Miranda Senior]
Photograph of Pilar Miranda Sr., dressed in a suit, white shirt and tie, with a cigarette in hand, standing next to a table. Attached to the legs of the table is a decorative bamboo design.
[Postcard of "Downtown" Houston]
Postcard of Downtown Houston's Main Street after dark. The streets, buildings, and the advertisements on the buildings are colorfully lighted.
[Letter from Jesse M. Medel to his mother, Francisca M. Medel - 1945]
Photocopy of a handwritten letter sent by Pvt. Jesse M. Medel from #t# Platoon Cantonment, A.R.O. 15922, care of Postmaster. New York, New York to his mother, Francisca M. Medel at 48 Kaiser Street, Houston, Texas. In that letter, he requested his mother to send to him a picture that he had asked her to save for him, and that he was presently in France.
[Letter from Donald D. Grose to Jesse and Mike Bocanegra - 1969-05-27]
Letter sent by Donald D. Grose, Regional Director, Small Business Administration, United States Government, Houston, Texas to Jesse and Mike Bocanegra of La Colmena Mexican Candy Manufacturing Company, on the occasion of celebrating the National Small Business Week from May 11 through May 17, 1969. He thanked Jesse and Mike Bocanegra for arranging a field trip, "Operation Growth" for the students at their place of business, and for making the trip a resounding success.
[Letter from Lauro Cruz to Jesse Bocanegra - 1969-05-27]
Letter from Lauro Cruz, State Representative, House of Representatives, Austin, Texas, to Jesse Bocanegra of Houston, Texas, thanking him for the samples of candy sent through his secretary. He also enclosed a resolution by the House of Representatives, recognizing the hard work and success of the Bocanegra brothers, and carrying on the tradition of the Bocanegra family.
Mexican candy-makers changing to modern ways
Mike Weingart, a Houston Chronicle reporter, writes about "a third-generation firm of candy makers, working by hand in make-shift quarters, producing $100,000 worth of Mexican candy a year and supplying 98 per cent of the Houston market." The photograph by Larry Evans, a Chronicle staff, shows two employees making the candies. The top of the article reads: "'The Bee Hive' just has too much buzzing."
[Letter from Robert Calvert to La Colmena Candy Company - 1960-02-08]
Letter from Robert Calvert, Controller of Public Accounts, State of Texas, Austin, to La Colemena Candy Company, Houston, Texas, acknowledging over-payment for the Cigarette Dealers permit which expires in February 29, 1960. The correct amount of tax due was $1.25. Therefore he asked the La Colemena Candy to attach a copy of the letter sent with the balance due, along with the Cigarette Dealers Permit No. 23934 (attached), to allow him to issue the permit.
Burnham Executive van (with or without power tailgates)
Design of a 22 foot executive van featuring: With and without 4000 lb power tailgates ; Tire size - 900 x 20 ; Aero-Logistic tie-offs in walls and floors ; nylon strapping - 3500 lb test; cubic capacity - 1300 cu. ft. All the drawings have indicated the exact measurements in height, length and width.
[Certificate of baptism for Ignacio Bocanegra]
Document certifying Ignacio Bocanegra's baptism in September 1895, at Parroquia del Sagrado Corazón, in Monterrey, Mexico.
[Military career and business of Ignacio Bocanegra and Pilar Miranda]
Photocopy of a document describing the life and hardships of Ignacio Bocanegra and Pilar Miranda, who fought in Pancho Villa's revolution. After the struggle they moved to Houston and started a candy factory, which became very prosperous later.
[Postcard of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo]
Postcard of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Mexico. He was a Mexican priest and a leader of the Mexican War of Independence.
[Postcard of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo in Osuna]
Postcard of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo in Osuna. Don Miguel is standing against a tree and listening to one of the soldiers. Osuna is a town and municipality in the province of Seville, southern Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia.
[Postcard of Felipe B. Berriozábal]
Postcard of Felipe B. Berriozábal. He was a Mexican politician, engineer and military leader. He participated in the Reform War.
[Postcard of the court of Montezuma II]
Postcard of people presenting gifts to Montezuma II, emperor of Mexico from 1480 to 1520.
[Postcard of Fernando Cortés]
Postcard of Fernando, or Hernán, Cortés, Spanish conquistador.
[Postcard of Carlota of Mexico]
Postcard of Princess Carlota Amalia, empress of Mexico from 1864 to 1867.
[Postcard of Maximilian I and Carlota of Mexico]
Postcard of Emperor Maximilian I and Empress Carlota of Mexico. They ruled from 1864 to 1867.
[Postcard of Francisco Marquez and Juan Barrera]
Postcard featuring two members of the military: Francisco Marquez, a military school student, and Juan Barrera, a lieutenant who died on September 13, 1847, at 19 years old.
[Postcard of Vicente Suarez and Fernando Montes de Oca]
Postcard featuring two members of the military: Vicente Suarez and Fernando Montes de Oca, both military college students who died on September 13, 1847, at 19 and 17 years old, respectfully. Both died defending the Chapultepec against an American attack.
[Postcard of the Battle of Ocotlán]
Postcard of the scene of the Battle of Ocotlán. Troops converge on a town atop a hill.
[Postcard of Maximilian I of Mexico]
Postcard of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico. He ruled with his wife, Carlota, from 1864 to 1867.
[Postcard of General Porfirio Díaz]
Postcard of General Porfirio Díaz, Mexican soldier and politician, in a suit wearing a sash and a military medal. Díaz served seven terms as the President of Mexico.
[Postcard of Justo Sierra]
Postcard of Justo Sierra, Mexican writer and journalist.
[Postcard of Miguel Domínguez]
Postcard of Miguel Domínguez, a New Spanish colonial official in Mexico who played a part in the Mexican independence movement.
[Postcard of Manuel González Flores]
Postcard of Manuel González Flores, who has a long beard. González Flores was a military general, politician, and President of Mexico.
[Postcard of Pedro de Gante]
Postcard of Fray Pedro de Gante, a Franciscan missionary from Belgium. Gante was also known as Fray Pieter van der Moere and Pedro de Mura.
[Postcard of Francisco Javier Mina]
Postcard of Francisco Javier Mina. Mina was a solider and lawyer in Mexico who was a prominent figure in the Mexican revolution.