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[Photograph of Joe A. Medrano]

Description: Photograph of a postal delivery boy, Joe A. Medrano, sitting on a chair, dressed in postal uniform, cap and boots.
Date: 1930
Creator: Cantú Studio

[Five young men]

Description: Photograph of five young men, left to right: Pete Arce; Alfonse Aguilar; Paul Vera; Tomas Ramirez (Texas Middle Weight Champion, c. 1946), and Nango.
Date: 193u

[Photograph of actor Jose Areu in hat]

Description: Portrait of actor Jose Areu, visible from the chest up. He is wearing a dark-colored shirt, a hat, and heavy make-up.
Date: 1928
Creator: Murillo Studio

[Composite photograph of Joe Torres's family]

Description: Photographs of Joe Torres and his family. 4 images. Top left: Son of Joe Torres, standing holding a guitar, his wife standing on his left, and his son on his right. Top right: Son of Joe Torres, standing beside a small table. Bottom left: Joe Torres sitting, and his wife standing to his left. Bottom right: Wife of son on top left with her son standing beside her.
Date: unknown
Creator: Chas J. Wright