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[Language Missions Report of Missionary Work for Manuel Urbina for the month ending July 25, 1966]

Description: Personal report of Manuel Urbina's work at the Magnolia Temple for the month ending on July 25, 1966. Includes Urbina's activities and a report on the congregation served. The major accomplishment for the month of July is written as: "B.V.S." Urbina notes that the main emphasis for the next month will be "Temple repairs."
Date: July 25, 1966
Creator: Urbina, Manuel
Item Type: Text
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[Inauguration of Club Mexico, 1933]

Description: Photograph of the inauguration of Club Mexico at the M & M Building on April 16, 1933. Professor Adolfo Martinez is seated in the center. Left side: Jose Lopez - director seated with his group, Tipica Groupo de Senoritios. Right side - seated (left to right): Ignacio Mexcado, saxophone ; Rudy Rubio, clarinet ; Jose Rivas, trombone ; Jose Castro, trumphet ; Prof. Jesus Gavino Gonzales, cello. Right side - standing (left to right): Pomposo Macha ; Miguel Rivas, violin ; Gertrudis Gabino Gonzales, piano ; Jose Torres, violin ; Tomas Aguilar, violin. On the left is a large group of young women in matching dresses and hats, each holding a banjo, mandolin or guitar.
Date: April 16, 1933
Item Type: Photograph

Aurelio "Leo" Reynosa: "A tribute to great achievement"

Description: Flyer from Leo's Mexican Restaurant detailing the biography of founder Aurelio "Leo" Reynosa, who fought with revolutionary Pancho Villa as a young man. Reynosa later came to Houston, Texas and opened his diner in 1942. The image on the front is of Reynosa (on left) and a compatriot, both in military costume. The photograph was taken in 1914, when Reynosa was 14 or 15 years old.
Date: 198u
Creator: McCandless, Marla
Item Type: Photograph

[Letter from Toby P. Hernandez to Ralph Yarborough - 1966-06-09]

Description: Letter to Senator Ralph Yarborough regarding his attendance at the 1966 LULAC convention at the Rice Hotel June 23-27, 1966. Yarborough thanks Hernandez for his appointment of Dr. George I. Sánchez to the Chairman of the Equal Opportunity Commission.
Date: June 9, 1966
Creator: Hernandez, Toby P.
Item Type: Letter

A. J. Hernandez will be honored

Description: Newspaper clipping announcing that A.J. Hernandez, the national president of LULAC, has been named "Father of the Year 1966" of Houston by La Hora Bautista. La Hora Bautista is a Baptist radio program heard daily over KLVL. Hernandez and his family will be honored at a banquet.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Clipping

Good Neighbor Teen-age Basketball League All Stars

Description: Clipping from the magazine El Puerto Volume 1, Number 2, Houston, Texas, Oct. 1959. Contains a colored picture of the "Good Neighbor Teen-age Basketball League" before their final game of the season with the "Medias Negras" from Piedras Negras, Coah, Mexico. The league played at Piedras Negras Labor Day.
Date: October 1959
Item Type: Clipping

Southern Select defeats Pearland

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Houston Post about the Southern Select Club defeating the Pearland Oilers by 10 to 4. The game was played at the Cleveland Compress Diamond field. The detailed statistics of the game are provided.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Clipping