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[Letter to John J. Herrera - 1955-02-15]

Description: Letter to John J. Herrera, from unspecific League of United Latina American Citizens source, dated February 15, 1955, in regards to the declaration by the Supreme Council that the offices of the National Organizer and the National Chaplain are vacant and inactive. The author of the letter states "I hope that the action taken by the Supreme Council will not keep you from working very closely with me on LULAC matters [...] I would like to appoint you as a Chairman of a National Committee to study ways and means of increasing the educational opportunities that are available to persons of Spanish extraction."
Date: February 15, 1955

[Letter from John J. Herrera to Frank M. Pinedo - 1955-02-15]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of letter from John J. Herrera to Frank M. Pinedo on League of United Latin American Council Formation in Refugio, Texas. Herrera gives Pinedo further details and names of the first LULAC meeting and names and addresses of the charter members. Herrera also lets Pinedo know that Herrera wants him to be at the installation ceremony along with Felix Tijerina.
Date: February 15, 1955
Creator: Herrera, John J.

[Letter from Frank M. Pinedo to Philip Reyes - 1955-03-26]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of welcome letter from Frank M. Pinedo to Philip Reyes, New Braunfels League of United Latin American Citizens, welcoming Reyes and the Council to LULAC. Pinedo gives details and explanations about next steps and what is expected from the newly formed Council of New Braunfels LULAC council to the National Office (i.e. charter fees, minutes).
Date: March 26, 1955
Creator: Pinedo, Frank M.

[Letter from Frank Pinedo to John J. Herrera - 1955-06-15]

Description: Letter from Frank Pinedo to John J. Herrera thanking Herrera for his loyal support and for the nominating speech he made at the National Convention. Pinedo also writes to Herrera about his thoughts on the election of the new National President. "I am disappointed but have concluded that I was beat by the manuevering an machinations of the Laredo group at the Convention [...] but since Laredo won't do anything for our League I am looking forward to the day when we can recapture our organization."
Date: June 15, 1955
Creator: Pinedo, Frank M.

[Letter from Albert Armendariz to Frank M. Pinedo - 1955-02-17]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of letter from Albert Armendariz, League of United Latin American Citizens National Officer, to Frank M. Pinedo, stating that Armendariz no longer wishes to be National Officer of LULAC due to unfair acts committed against members of LULAC. The letter outlines the impeachment of John J. Herrera and David Longoria and mentions the action taken against the LULAC lodge. "It is no longer safe to act on behalf of the Lulac Organization, for the danger of impeachment without a hearing will menace our every action or inaction [...] it pains me greatly to know that our Organization, the Supreme Council, would be guilty of condemning without an opportunity to be heard."
Date: February 17, 1955
Creator: Armendariz, Albert

[Letter from Fred Okrand to George I. Sánchez - 1951-04-19]

Description: Letter from Fred Okrand, Attorney at Law and partner in firm of Wirin, Rissman & Okrand of Los Angeles, California, to Professor George I. Sánchez of the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, dated April 19, 1951. Okrand is seeking a reference for a Texas attorney who would look into a matter concerning a "Negro property owner" in east Texas. There is a handwritten note from Professor Sanchez to John J. Herrera asking Herrera if he will write to Okrand.
Date: April 19, 1951
Creator: Okrand, Fred

LULAC, labor of love

Description: Speech by John J. Herrera for League of United Latin American Citizens Week held at Driskill Hotel. The speech, delivered on February 19, 1966, is titled "LULAC, Labor of Love."
Date: February 19, 1966
Creator: Herrera, John J.

Newsflash from KCOR, June 15, 1948]

Description: Newsflash from KCOR radio station, reporting on news from Austin, Texas, from Raoul A. Cortez, President of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Judge Ben H. Rice, Jr., from the Federal Court in Austin, has ordered a statewide ban on segregation of Mexican-American children in Texas schools, stating that the practice is unconstitutional and violates the 14th Amendment.
Date: June 15, 1948
Creator: KCOR

[Letter from Carlos E. Castañeda to John J. Herrera - 1949-03-12]

Description: Letter from C. E. Castañeda to John J. Herrera requesting him to find the nearest location of the Chilean Consulate to obtain a visa for him, for his upcoming trip to Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Castañeda has already sent his application for a visa to the Consulates of Brazil and Argentina. On the letter handwritten in pencil: "Hurry, a favor to consider. 8th floor, P5111, New Orleans...Consul of Chile"
Date: March 12, 1949
Creator: Castañeda, Carlos E.

[Letter from Ralph Yarborough to John J. Herrera - 1957-04-06]

Description: Letter from Senator Ralph Yarborough thanking John J. Herrera for his support, along with Latino support from all around Texas, for contributing to Yarborough's victory. The letter is typed on campaign letterhead reading at the top, "Judge Ralph Yarborough for U.S. Senator ... Vote April 2" and at the bottom, "Yarborough - of Texas, by Texas, for Texas."
Date: April 6, 1957
Creator: Yarborough, Ralph Webster, 1903-1996

[Letter from Thurman Gupton to John J. Herrera - 1980-07-30]

Description: Personal letter from retired Judge Thurman Gupton to John J. Herrera in reply to an earlier letter from Herrera catching up on their friendship. Gupton comments on Herrera's successful open-heart surgery performed by Dr. Denton Cooley and reminisces over the cases Herrera presented in his court. The letter's envelope is also included.
Date: July 30, 1980
Creator: Gupton, Thurman

[Letter from John J. Herrera to Ralph Yarborough - 1957-03-09]

Description: Onionskin carbon copy of a letter sent to Ralph Yarborough by John J. Herrera informing Yarborough of a possible banquet to be held in Houston in honor of Senator Henry B. Gonzalez, Albert U. Trevino, and other Latin American leaders in honor of their victory in Bexar County. Herrera inquires what days in March Yarborough could be in town to attend the banquet, which could also function as a fundraising event for him.
Date: March 9, 1957
Creator: Herrera, John J.