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[Birthday card from Douglas M. Herrera to John J. Herrera - 1968-04-11]

Description: A Hallmark birthday card sent to John J. Herrera from his son, Douglas M. Herrera. The front of the card is an image of a man fishing in a stream and the interior contains printed birthday poem. The card also includes a handwritten message concerning the death of Dr. King and Douglas' belief "The prospects for peace are now the best that have existed in a great while and was all hope that this war will be settled soon."
Date: April 11, 1968
Creator: Herrera, Douglas M.

[Birthday card from Sheppard W. King, III to John J. Herrera - 1967-04-11]

Description: Birthday card to John J. Herrera from Sheppard W. King with a color illustration on the front cover depicting a cartoon character holding a sign that reads, "We need our Birthdays" and below it the words "I've always felt". The interior of the card consists of a color illustration of bare legs with a belt wrapped around them. The printed text says, "About like a nudist needs a belt! Many happy returns anyway!" The handwritten text in the card reads, "John - be careful - I know it scares the hell out of you when they start getting nude and dropping their chastity belt!!! Happy Birthday -Shep" The digital image also includes the envelope postmarked April 11, 1967
Date: April 11, 1967
Creator: King, Sheppard W., III

[Credentials certification letter from Corpus Christi LULAC Council Number One to LULAC Credentials Committee - 1949-01-11]

Description: Onionskin paper copy of credentials certification letter from George J. Galvez, Secretary, and Elias Licona, President, of Corpus Christi LULAC Council Number 1 to LULAC Credentials Committee dated January 11, 1949. This certifies that Hector de Pena was appointed as delegate to the Regional LULAC Convention to be held in Houston, Texas, on January 29 and 30, 1949.
Date: January 11, 1949
Creator: Galvez, George J.

In the manner that a LULAC Council dishonored LULAC

Description: Copy of an article from the Laredo Times covering the pickets at the Laredo Civic Center during the annual local LULAC Council banquet, published on June 11, 1967. The article includes a photograph of the crowds picketing in front of the banquet hall and also contains handwritten notes demanding that the Laredo, Texas LULAC Council be censured by the National LULAC assembly for their lack of support during the rally.
Date: June 11, 1967
Creator: Gray, Walter

'Latinos' traits pamphlet blasted

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Brownsville Herald of Brownsville, Texas, dated March 11, 1952. The article is entitled "Latinos' Traits Pamphlet Blasted." The article covers discussions held at an assembly of Latin Americans at Mission, Texas, on the pamphlet published by the University of Texas, "The Wetback in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas," written by Lyle Saunders and Olen E. Leonard. The assembly condemned the features of the pamphlet.
Date: March 11, 1952

[Letter from Albert B. Herrera to John J. Herrera - 1976-12-11]

Description: Letter from John J. Herrera's brother, Albert B. Herrera, wishing John and his family a Merry Christmas. The letter is signed B. B., Juanita, and Junior. The letter is accompanied by a booklet entitled, "The Great Questions", a Christian faith-based publication, as well as the addressed envelope that contained the aforementioned contents.
Date: December 11, 1976
Creator: Herrera, Albert B.

[Letter from Beatrice Valera to John J. Herrera - 1953-04-11]

Description: Letter from Beatrice Valera, a student at Jefferson Davis High School in Houston, Texas, to John J. Herrera, dated April 11, 1953. This is an Invitation to Herrera to be a guest speaker at Jefferson Davis High School's graduation dance held at the Paladium Nite club on May 31, 1953. Details about the evening's program are included.
Date: April 11, 1953
Creator: Valera, Beatrice

[Letter from Bob Casey to John J. Herrera - 1961-07-11]

Description: Letter from Congressman Bob Casey, thanking John J. Herrera for his recommendation of Louis Jasso for the position of U. S. marshal. Casey writes that he does not have a say in such positions, and recommends Herrera write to Senator Ralph Yarborough and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Date: July 11, 1961
Creator: Casey, Robert R. (Robert Randolph), 1915-1986

[Letter from Carlos E. Castañeda to Alsonso S. Perales - 1947-04-11]

Description: Onionskin carbon copy of the letter sent by Dr. Carlos E. Castañeda to Alonso S. Perales in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Castañeda discusses the special election for the State Senate and the possibility of John J. Herrera running as a candidate. Castañeda provides details for obtaining votes and financial support for Herrera's campaign.
Date: April 11, 1947
Creator: Castañeda, Carlos E.