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[Card from Betsy B. Johnson to John J. Herrera]

Description: Greeting card sent from Betsy B. Johnson to John J. Herrera. The front of the card has a newspaper clipping and the words "You're in the news!" and inside, the text says "It's always nice to read good things about friends!" A handwritten note on the inside of the card says: "Keep up the good work. ¡Es espléndido Betsy B. Johnson, Liaison Offices, GCCSA."
Date: unknown
Creator: Johnson, Betsy B.

[Christmas card from the Galverro family to the John J. Herrera family]

Description: The front of the card has a color illustration of holly and Christmas bells with the text "Merry Christmas" in the top right corner. the interior of the card contains the text "To wish you the best at Christmas and all through the year". The handwritten note says, "We wish you with much affection Blanca, Paty, Blanca y Freddy S. Galvorro."
Date: unknown
Creator: Galvorro, Blanca; Galvorro, Paty & Galvorro, Freddy S.

[Democratic National Committee News Release: Aumenta el personal de la lengua española en la nomina federal]

Description: Press release from the Democratic National Committee regarding the number of federal employees who speak Spanish. The release states that under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, the federal government has already greatly increased the number of Spanish-speaking employees.
Date: March 26, 1964
Creator: Democratic National Committee (U.S.). Publicity Division

[Draft of radio speech made in behalf of Ralph Yarborough for Governor of Texas]

Description: Text of a speech to be given over the radio in support of Texas gubernatorial candidate Ralph Yarborough. John J. Herrera had approved and recommended Governor Allan Shivers four years ago, after the sudden death of Beauford Jester. However, since Governor Shivers assumed office, Herrera feels that Shivers has done nothing to help Latin Americans in Texas. For that reason, Herrera is now supporting Ralph Yarborough.
Date: unknown
Creator: Herrera, John J.