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[Biographical sketch of Manuel Urbina]

Description: Biographical sketch of Manuel Urbina released by the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board, Division of Communication, September, 1966. The document includes brief biographical details, education, and experience.
Date: September 1966
Item Type: Text

Convention Booklet Report, June 1, 1966

Description: Report on the advertisements in the 1966 League of United Latin American Citizens Convention Booklet. The first column is the page number, the second column the advertiser, and the third column is the price paid for the advertisement.
Date: June 1, 1966
Creator: League of United Latin American Citizens
Item Type: Text

[Form letter from Toby P. Hernandez - 1966-04-15]

Description: Form letter to different companies regarding the 37th National LULAC convention from June 23-26, 1966 at the Rice Hotel in Houston. The national convention co-chairman, Toby P. Hernandez, asks if they would like to provide pencils, scratch pads, book matches, etc., with their company name monogrammed. Also, Hernandez asks the companies if they would they like to put an advertisement in the convention booklet.
Date: April 15, 1966
Creator: Hernandez, Toby P.
Item Type: Letter

[Language Missions Report of Missionary Work for Manuel Urbina for the month ending July 25, 1966]

Description: Personal report of Manuel Urbina's work at the Magnolia Temple for the month ending on July 25, 1966. Includes Urbina's activities and a report on the congregation served. The major accomplishment for the month of July is written as: "B.V.S." Urbina notes that the main emphasis for the next month will be "Temple repairs."
Date: July 25, 1966
Creator: Urbina, Manuel
Item Type: Text
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[Letter from Arthur B. Rutledge to Manuel Urbina - 1966-11-08]

Description: Letter from Arthur B. Rutledge, of the Home Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, to Reverend Manuel Urbina, dated November 8, 1966. Rutledge thanks Urbina for his many years of service and wishes Urbina will in his retirement at the end of 1966.
Date: November 8, 1966
Creator: Rutledge, Arthur B.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Charles H. Thomsen to Toby P. Hernandez - 1966-04-04]

Description: Letter from Charles H. Thomsen of the Houston Freight Carriers Association to Toby P. Hernandez. Thomsen presented Hernandez's letter dated March 24, 1966 at the Houston Freight Carriers Association meeting and writes that they couldn't "say yes."
Date: April 4, 1966
Creator: Thomsen, Charles H.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Ernest Eguia to Homer Leonard - 1966-01-04]

Description: Letter from the 1966 LULAC Convention Chairman, Ernest Eguia, to Homer Leonard, dated January 4, 1966. Eguia is asking for a letter of recommendations and instructions from Leonard regarding solicitation of any aid of any kind or advertisement from any of the beer companies.
Date: January 4, 1966
Creator: Eguia, Ernest
Item Type: Letter