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[Birthday card from Douglas M. Herrera to John J. Herrera - 1968-04-11]

Description: A Hallmark birthday card sent to John J. Herrera from his son, Douglas M. Herrera. The front of the card is an image of a man fishing in a stream and the interior contains printed birthday poem. The card also includes a handwritten message concerning the death of Dr. King and Douglas' belief "The prospects for peace are now the best that have existed in a great while and was all hope that this war will be settled soon."
Date: April 11, 1968
Creator: Herrera, Douglas M.

[Birthday card from Sheppard W. King, III to John J. Herrera - 1967-04-11]

Description: Birthday card to John J. Herrera from Sheppard W. King with a color illustration on the front cover depicting a cartoon character holding a sign that reads, "We need our Birthdays" and below it the words "I've always felt". The interior of the card consists of a color illustration of bare legs with a belt wrapped around them. The printed text says, "About like a nudist needs a belt! Many happy returns anyway!" The handwritten text in the card reads, "John - be careful - I know it scares the hell out of you when they start getting nude and dropping their chastity belt!!! Happy Birthday -Shep" The digital image also includes the envelope postmarked April 11, 1967
Date: April 11, 1967
Creator: King, Sheppard W., III

[Birthday card from Silvia and John Cisneros - 1970-04-12]

Description: Birthday card from Silvia and John Cisneros dated April 12, 1970. The front of the card is a floral design with red, pink, orange and yellow flowers with the text "From Both of Us on Your Birthday" written in gold leaf. The interior of the card contains printed text "We couldn't count the many things we wish for you, good health, good luck, and happiness are only just a few -- for you deserve the very best in all that brings you cheer, with birthdays growing happier with every passing year!" The card is signed "Love your god-children, Silvia & John Cisneros".
Date: April 12, 1970
Creator: Cisneros, Silvia & Cisneros, John

[Bulletin from National LULAC President to all LULAC Councils - 1951]

Description: Special Bulletin from the National LULAC President to all LULAC Councils, with handwritten date of 1951. The subject of this bulletin is "National Convention Additional Information." The bulletin focuses on delegate certification prior to the 1951 LULAC National Convention. The bulletin also covers details of reception and room reservations for the convention.
Date: 1951
Creator: National LULAC President

[Campaign letter from Dick Manne]

Description: Letter from the Chairman of the Harris County Democrats Dick Manne urging voters to return "sanity and loyalty" to the Democratic Party in the June 2 run-off election. Manne decries the candidates who had the support, he claims, of groups like the John Birch Society and Ku Klux Klan or had been "Democrats for Nixon" and which were "loyal Democrats."
Date: unknown
Creator: Manne, Dick

[Campaign letter from J. Doug Toole for Preston Smith]

Description: Campaign letter from J. Doug Toole, Harris County Campaign Manager for Preston Smith, requesting financial contributions and support in Smith's run for Lieutenant Governor. The letter is typed on "Preston Smith for Lieutenant Governor" letterhead.
Date: unknown
Creator: Toole, J. Doug

[Campaign letter from John B. Connally to John J. Herrera - 1962-05-19]

Description: General letter from John B. Connally to his supporters thanking them for the lead he gained in the primaries and urging their continued dedication during the lead-in to the run-off election. The letter is typed on "John Connally for Governor" letterhead.
Date: May 19, 1962
Creator: Connally, John Bowden, 1917-1993

[Campaign letter from John J. Herrera]

Description: Letter from John J. Herrera thanking recipients for their support during his campaign, inviting them to his home the day before the election, and requesting their help on election day.
Date: unknown
Creator: Herrera, John J.

[Campaign letter from Larry Blackmon for Jim Wright - 1961-02-03]

Description: Campaign letter from Larry Blackmon, Director of the Jim Wright for U.S. Senate Campaign, Texas headquarters, urging all Houstonians to come to a reception at the Rice Hotel at 4 p.m., Tuesday, February 7, 1961 to honor and support Jim Wright for U.S. Senate.
Date: February 3, 1961
Creator: Blackmon, Larry

[Campaign letter from the Harris County Democrats Political Committee - 1975]

Description: Campaign letter from the Harris County Democrats Political Committee supporting the Democratic candidate, Fred Hofheinz, for the mayoral election on Tuesday, December 2, 1975. This letter was from Pat Gandy, Chairperson, Harris County Democrats and Billie Carr, Democratic National Committeewoman, Harris County Democrats.
Date: 1975
Creator: Harris County Democrats Political Committee

[Card from Betsy B. Johnson to John J. Herrera]

Description: Greeting card sent from Betsy B. Johnson to John J. Herrera. The front of the card has a newspaper clipping and the words "You're in the news!" and inside, the text says "It's always nice to read good things about friends!" A handwritten note on the inside of the card says: "Keep up the good work. ¡Es espléndido Betsy B. Johnson, Liaison Offices, GCCSA."
Date: unknown
Creator: Johnson, Betsy B.

[Card from Joyce and Pierce]

Description: An undated card signed "Joyce & Pierce". The front of the card has a color illustration of lilies with a cut out for the stained glass illustration on the interior. The front of the card is printed "God Bless You in Your Illness". The interior of the card has a color illustration of a stained glass window and the printed text, "May God bless you and protect you, May he send you good health and cheer, May his love and light surround you, May He be forever near."
Date: unknown

[Card from P. F. Flores to John J. Herrera - 1979-09-11]

Description: Card in an envelope sent to Herrera from Rev. P. F. Flores, thanking John J. Herrera for his support and congratulations on his appointment as Archbishop of San Antonio. The envelope containing the card is addressed to John J. Herrera and stamped: "El Paso, Texas 799, 11 Sep. 1979."
Date: September 11, 1979
Creator: Flores, P. F.

[Card from "S" to John J. Herrera]

Description: Card written to John J. Herrera, undated and signed "S". The front of the card bears the initials "SGD". The interior of the card is handwritten and reads, "Dear John, Lee asked I thank you, not only for the book but the thoughts behind it all. Old friends help the heart mend faster & better."
Date: unknown