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Rites set for local Hispanic leader John Herrera
Article, "Rites set for local Hispanic leader John Herrera", published in the Houston Chronicle on October 14, 1986. The article gives a brief obituary and list information regarding the memorial services for John J. Herrera. A photograph of John J. Herrera is included.
Rites Wednesday for John Herrera
Newspaper article published in the Houston Post on October 14, 1986. The article, titled "Rites Wednesday for John Herrera", announces Herrera's recent passing, contains a brief obituary, and lists information regarding the memorial services.
[Speech by John J. Herrera for Testimonial Banquet]
Speech to be given at Testimonial Banquet by John J. Herrera. In it Herrera expresses gratitude for the honor and details events from his life and his affiliations, which have shaped him as individual as well as his career.