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[Letter to members of the League of United Latin American Citizens - 1977-01-24]

Description: Letter from Manuel Gonzales and Deborah Alvarado to all members of LULAC on January 24, 1977, regarding the charges and impeachment proceedings against LULAC Immediate Past National President, Joseph R. Benites. Draft of minutes from the LULAC Special Impeachment Proceedings at the Rice Rittenhouse Hotel in Houston, Texas on February 12, 1977 is attached. This draft is related to the violation of the LULAC Constitution Article VI Section 7 a(8), pertaining to the impeachment of Joseph R. Benites. Signed by G.J. Garza and attested by Manuel Gonzales, Deborah Alvarado, and John J. Herrera.
Date: January 24, 1977
Creator: Gonzales, Manuel & Alvarado, Deborah D.

[Letter to Oscar Laurel - 1955-12-12]

Description: Letter to Oscar Laurel, LULAC National President, dated December 12, 1955. At the top of the letter there is a note to John J. Herrera with the signature of "Ed": "We don't know if Laurel has "sold out" Lulac to the Shivers forces." In the letter to Laurel it is stated that Laurel should not endorse nor aid politicians with an agenda that goes against the "people." "I am sure you will agree with me that Lulac should in no manner lend itself to efforts of politicians designed to divide and weaken the people which both our organizations represent."
Date: December 12, 1955

[Letter torn in half - 1947-12-18]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copy of a letter dated December 18, 1947. The letter has been torn in half from top to bottom and the right half is all that remains. It mentions installation of members in some Texas councils. It also references a Mr. S. E. Loggins, Registrar of South Texas College of Law in Houston, who was mentioned in a letter to Mr. Herrera from Pete Tijerina of Laredo, Texas dated December 1, 1947. This partial letter is possibly a reply to Pete Tijerina from John Herrera.
Date: December 18, 1947

[Letters from John J. Herrera and Douglas M. Herrera - 1971]

Description: This document contains a letter from John J. Herrera to Douglas M. Herrera dated February 10, 1971, a letter from Douglas M. Herrera to Mrs. John J. Herrera dated April 2, 1971, and a United States Postal Money Order receipt. The letter from John J. Herrera to his son, Douglas M. Herrera, describes a malpractice case on which he is working and describes the death of a friend, Charlie Everett. The letter from Douglas M. Herrera to his mother, Mrs. John J. Herrera, requests assistance on locating missing documents including his W-2 form and documents sent by Veterans Affairs for the G. I. Bill. The United States Postal Money Order receipt for $25 is dated February 10, 1971.
Date: February 10, 1971
Creator: Herrera, Douglas M. & Herrera, John J.

[Letters from John J. Herrera to Mrs. Gus Gonzales and Jacob I. Rodriguez - 1951-01-04]

Description: Onionskin paper carbon copies of letters from John J. Herrera dated January 5, 1951. The front page is a draft of a letter to Mrs. Gus Gonzales, President of the Wharton Texas Ladies LULAC Council. This letter is a notification that the charter for their new council has been received and is ready for presentation. The back page contains a draft of a second letter to Jacob I. Rodriguez, Secretary Mexican Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio, Texas. This is a notification that the date of the Regional LULAC Convention to be held in January, 1951 in Houston, Texas, has been changed to January 27 and 28, 1951. It is also an invitation to Jacob Rodriguez to speak after the speech of welcome at the convention.
Date: January 4, 1951
Creator: Herrera, John J.

[List of addresses of previous officials of the League of United Latin American Citizens]

Description: List of Addresses for unknown letters to be sent to previous officials of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Includes: Mr. Albert Armendariz (Regional President), Mr. Cruz Fernandez (First Vice President), Mrs. M.L. Armendariz (Executive Secretary), Luciano Santoscoy (National Director of Publicity), Mr. Edmundo Moreno (National Secretary), Mr. Frank Pinedo (Regional Governor of Texas), Mrs. Tillie Gonazles (Regional Governor of New Mexico), Mr. Issac Sandoval (Regional Governor of Colorado), Mr. Ernest Flores (Special Organizer of New Mexico).
Date: April 20, 1954