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My point of view

Description: Biographical newspaper article about John J. Herrera's work fighting discrimination against Mexican-Americans titled "My Point of View," written by Lauro Cruz. This article highlights Herrera's work as a leader in the Mexican-American community fighting for equal rights and educating members of the community about their rights.
Date: April 18, 1975
Creator: Cruz, Lauro

My Sister and Brother LULACs

Description: Speech given by John J. Herrera at the 1953 LULAC National Convention titled, "My Sister and Brother LULACs." As the National LULAC President, John J. Herrera is giving his yearly report to the delegates at the National LULAC Convention. Herrera mentions that his greatest disappointment was the stoppage of the LULAC News newsletter due to lack of funds.
Date: 1953
Creator: Herrera, John J.

[National LULAC Week Proclamation, 1966]

Description: National LULAC Week Proclamation written by the League of United Latin American Citizens, recognizing the work of the League of United Latin American Citizens and proclaiming the week of February 13 - 19, 1966 to be National LULAC Week.
Date: 1966
Creator: League of United Latin American Citizens

[New Year's card from A.R. Clark]

Description: Greeting card signed by A.R. Clark, undated. The exterior of the card is red on both sides with gold embossed lettering on the front that reads "Happy New Year". Printed on the interior of the card is "Wishing you the very best throughout the coming year". The handwritten note inside the card reads "To the greatest friend I have on this earth, Best wishes, Always, A.R. Clark".
Date: unknown
Creator: Clark, A.R.

[News release: Viva Johnson-Humphrey Club groups form in Harris County, Texas]

Description: News release about Viva Johnson-Humphrey Club groups forming in Harris County, Texas. The names of the State and National chairman, co-chairman, and representatives of Bexar County, Los Angeles, California, New Mexico, and East Texas have been elected. A resolution was made to elect President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Hubert Humphrey for the Democratic ticket. The letter is marked "Attention Ben Kaplan." Handwritten notes are at the bottom of the letter. Handwritten on the back is the address of the Viva Johnson-Humphrey Clubs.
Date: unknown
Creator: Viva Johnson-Humphrey Club

Newsflash from KCOR, June 15, 1948]

Description: Newsflash from KCOR radio station, reporting on news from Austin, Texas, from Raoul A. Cortez, President of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Judge Ben H. Rice, Jr., from the Federal Court in Austin, has ordered a statewide ban on segregation of Mexican-American children in Texas schools, stating that the practice is unconstitutional and violates the 14th Amendment.
Date: June 15, 1948
Creator: KCOR

[Newspaper clipping about Dr. A. G. Gonzales]

Description: Photograph of a La Gaceta Mexicana newspaper clipping about Dr. A. G. Gonzales. The caption and text under the picture is: "Dr. A. G. Gonzáles El Dr. González es quizá el más joven de los médicos de nuestra raza aquí establecidos. Es originario de Guadalajara, Jalisco, y en la Escuela de Medicina de aquella capital hizo sus estudios y obtuyo el Titulo de..."
Date: unknown

[Newspaper clipping about Dr. Angel Leyva]

Description: Photograph of a La Gaceta Mexicana newspaper clipping about Dr. Angel Leyva. The caption and text under the picture is: "Dr. Angel Leyva. Es muy probable que sea el Dr. Angel Leyva el decano de los médicos mexicanos que hay en Houston. Hace poco menos de tres años que llegó a esta ciudad y comenzó a ejercer su profesión, creán-dos desde luego una clientela..."
Date: unknown