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[Newspaper clipping with comic and fight results]

Description: Clipping from a newspaper page: one side has a comic of a paratrooper making a joke about "billowing silk" to a woman; the other side includes the results of a boxing match. Caption on comic reads: "Heh, Heh - Sorry babe, but us paratroopers just like the sight of billowin' silk."
Date: unknown

The next four years

Description: An editorial from the New York Times endorsing George McGovern for the President of the United States.
Date: September 28, 1972
Creator: New York Times

"Oh, my God, they've really thrown him in"

Description: Clipping of an article, "Oh, my God, they've really thrown him in" by Gary Taylor, published in The Houston Post on September 16, 1977. The article covers hearings regarding accusations that Houston policemen beat Joe Torres and pushed him into Buffalo Bayou. The document includes the front page story as well as the continuation on page 19A.
Date: September 16, 1977
Creator: Taylor, Gary

One Republican is left in legislature

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Houston Post stating that the Democratic Party has made a clean sweep in the Texas Legislative districts, except for one Republication position in the House. There are no Republicans in the Texas State Senate.
Date: November 5, 1964

People So Jubilant They Didn't Listen

Description: Newspaper article chastising both white and black racists for their jubilation at President Lyndon B. Johnson's announcement that he would not be running for re-election. The author also criticizes (and defends Johnson against) "the young," the "super-hawks," and the "doves" and decries the levels of hate directed at Johnson.
Date: April 2, 1968
Creator: Royko, Mike

Press finds many critics at convention

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Chicago Daily News about how TV newscasters, columnists and commentators are criticized for expressing their views on political leaders.
Date: unknown
Creator: Turner, Terry

Pro-Connally cards faked, Gonzalez says

Description: Newspaper article about Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez stating that the postcards being mailed with his endorsement of John B. Connally were fraudulent and unauthorized.
Date: 196u
Creator: Chronicle Washington Bureau

Rites set for local Hispanic leader John Herrera

Description: Article, "Rites set for local Hispanic leader John Herrera", published in the Houston Chronicle on October 14, 1986. The article gives a brief obituary and list information regarding the memorial services for John J. Herrera. A photograph of John J. Herrera is included.
Date: October 14, 1986

Rites Wednesday for John Herrera

Description: Newspaper article published in the Houston Post on October 14, 1986. The article, titled "Rites Wednesday for John Herrera", announces Herrera's recent passing, contains a brief obituary, and lists information regarding the memorial services.
Date: October 14, 1986

[Scrapbook Fragment with Clippings]

Description: Partial scrapbook page with clippings entitled "Council reverses license rejection," "Taxi driver chooses law; so does son," and "Seventy taking bar exams here." Also includes an invoice from Dwyer's Drug Store and a money. order.
Date: September 1, 1941

Sheriff brands whitewash charge as ridiculous

Description: Newspaper clipping from a Bay City newspaper, indicated by handwritten note, dated 1953. Article is a rebuttal from Sheriff Jack Cole to charges made by LULAC delegates at the LULAC convention that a grand jury had whitewashed the decision regarding the fatal shooting of George Sanchez. LULAC was asking for an impartial investigation of George Sanchez's civil rights.
Date: 1953

Texas accomplice law could resurface when Derese testifies in trial

Description: Newspaper clipping containing an article from a 1977 issue of the Houston Post discussing a trial in which Paula Cantrell Derese will testify against Vernon E. McManus regarding a capital murder case. It also gives background about previous instances of the relevant Texas law regarding court appearances by persons implicated in crimes. The reverse side of the clipping includes an article about a highway to be built in Louisiana using clam shells and an advertisement for The Houston Post.
Date: January 30, 1977
Creator: Flynn, George

The Texas diplomatic core

Description: Newspaper article providing details regarding the 1836 Texas Independence Convention and the delegates that were in attendance.
Date: March 2, 1972
Creator: Ashby, Lynn

Texas election returns

Description: Newspaper clipping from an unidentified newspaper reporting the Texas election returns issued by the Texas Election Bureau.
Date: unknown
Creator: Associated Press

Three hero medal winners to be honored Sunday

Description: Clipping from a newspaper about a dance given by the Houston Council of the League of United Latin American Citizens to honor three Congressional Medal of Honor winners: Macario Garcia, Clteo Rodriguez and Lucina Adams.
Date: September 1945

Tijerina denies LULAC 'passed word' on Nixon

Description: Article about League of United Latin American Citizens National President Felix Tijerina denies reports that LULAC has been urging members to vote against Richard Nixon in the upcoming presidential race: "The 51-year-old restaurant operator, wearing an 'Ike' pin in his lapel, said in a later statement to newsmen that he personally endorsed the Eisenhower-Nixon administration and will vote for their reelection Nov. 6."
Date: 1956

Tin Types

Description: Clipping of heading only for monthly newsletter, Tin Types. This issue is volume IV, number 8.
Date: August 1948
Creator: Tin Processing Corporation

L.U.L.A.C pays homage to Sugar Land war hero

Description: Clipping from The Houston Post about a LULAC meeting held to honor Staff Sgt. Macario Garcia. Garcia received the Congressional Medal of Honor on August 23, 1945, from President Harry Truman. Post photograph features Robert E. Smith ; Sergeant Macario Garcia ; and John J. Herrera. Article is from page 1 of Section 2, Friday, September 7, 1945 edition.
Date: September 7, 1945
Creator: Gregory, Martha