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Texas Journal of Genealogy and History, Volume 2, Fall 2003

Description: The Texas Journal of Genealogy and History includes articles from guest lecturers at fall and spring seminars, as well as papers written by Academy of Freedom students. This issue contains nine academic articles by both Burress Distinguished Lecturers and undergraduate history students titled, “The Wealth of Empire: England and the American Colonies,” “Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, and World War II: The Quest for Security, 1933-1945,” “Puritan Religion and Life in Early America,” “The Great Awakening: Come and Gone,” “To the Mountaintop: Examining the Harlem Renaissance,” “For the Frill of It All: How the Changing Events of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Shaped Women’s Fashion,” “Prohibition: Alcohol’s Nemesis,” “The Reign of Terror: The French Revolution, 1793-1794,” and “Grounded: Calvin’s Biblical Basis for Civil Government.” Two book reviews are also included.
Date: 2003
Creator: Howard Payne University