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Perini Family Headstone
Copy negative of the Perini family headstone in Italy with names and death dates of members of the Perini family, including Cottardo and Maria Domenica, Ciuseppe and Marianna Perini, Giuseppe Perini, and others.
Perini Family Shrine
Copy negative of two pictures of Perini family shrines in Italy. The print over the entrance of the first says "Famiglia Perini," and the second says "Coniugi Perini." Both are concrete structures with a metal gate across the front, cross decorations, and a plaque in the back with writing on it. There are mountains in the background.
Postcard from Ristorante La Cistema
Copy negative of a postcard from Ristorante La Cistema fron Rome, Italy. The art on it is of a man and woman at a well with trees in the background. At the bottom of the postcard is written, "Ristorante La Cistema, Roma, Via della Cisterna, 13 - Tel. 582.543 - 587.008."