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Four Twirlers and Man

Description: Copy negative of serviceman Odis Claxton and four McMurry College twirlers in uniform posing on a Galveston beach.
Date: unknown

Fraternity Party

Description: Copy negative of a fraternity party at the Galveston medical school. In the picture there are men standing in a decorated room and some of them are holding mugs. They are all dressed in suits and ties. In the background there is a table with mugs and a men who seems to be serving drinks for the party.
Date: unknown

Man and Women on Beach

Description: Copy negative of Bertha Leo Buchanan West, William Andrew Buchanan, and Nancy Boles Buchanan standing together on Galveston Beach in front of the gulf.
Date: unknown

Man Holding Fish

Description: Copy negative of William Andrew Buchanan holding a string of fish, standing on the edge of a street in a neighborhood with a car behind him on the left and trees on the right and in the background.
Date: unknown

McMurry Band Checking Into Hotel

Description: Copy photograph of the McMurry Band checking into a hotel. In the photograph are four members of the band, all in uniform, and a woman dressed in black behind the hotel counter.
Date: unknown

Men with Cadaver

Description: Copy negative of Dr. W. J. Cummings and Dr. Dunning with a cadaver at Galveston Medical School. The men are standing behind the rotted body wearing aprons and button-up shirts and up pieces of the body with instruments. In the background is a hanging skeleton.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Man

Description: Copy negative of the portrait of William J Cummings, Sr. He is wearing a tuxedo with a bow tie.
Date: unknown

School Children by School

Description: Copy negative a large group of schoolchildren and their teacher. The group includes twenty-seven boys and seventeen girls. All of the girls are wearing dresses and the boys are wearing a variety of clothing including bow ties and suspenders. They are seated and standing in front of a school building.
Date: unknown

Women and Man in Yard

Description: Copy negative of Bertha Leo Buchanan West, Nancy Buchanan, and William Andrew Buchanan standing in a yard in front of bushes.
Date: unknown