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25th Wedding Anniversary

Description: Copy negative of Scott Lavette and Menvil Mae Buchanan Seastrunk. The married couple is celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They are standing behind a table filled with serving plates and dishes, punch, a wedding cake complete with bride and groom on top, and other sweet snacks. They are standing in front of windows with floral curtains. Scott and Menvil are wearing a suit and dress respectively.
Date: unknown


Description: Topographic quadrangle map of Abilene, Texas, and the surrounding area, showing towns, roads, bodies of water, and borders, with relief shown by contours (interval 100 feet) and spot heights. Scale 1:250,000
Date: 1954
Creator: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.
Location Info:

Children by Car

Description: Copy negative of two pictures of children in front of a car with trees in the background.. In the first picture, boys, from left to right Quinman Hurley, Maurice Hefner Cummings, Jay Frank Cummings, and Ed Hurley are posing by the car. In the second picture, girls and baby, from left to right Delores Hurley, Warren Price Smith, Polly Cummings, Matilda Cummings, and Verna Nelle Young are posing on the running board of the car.
Date: unknown

Couple by House; House Exterior

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of Menvil Mae Buchanan Seastrunk and Scott Lavette Seastrunk standing together in front of the porch of a house, holding a horse collar between them. The second picture is of just the house and a tree behind it.
Date: unknown

Exterior Farm House

Description: Copy negative of the Mayes Family home in Eastland, TX. Mrs. B. F. Mayes sits out on the porch with her two children. The house has two porches, a chimney, and a fence that surrounds it. Potted plants sit underneath a window.
Date: unknown

Exterior House

Description: Copy negative of two pictures of a house. The first is a side exterior view with a tree on the left. The notes written around the edges of the pictures say that this is the house that belonged to writer's grandfather Dr. Joshua Teague, where the writer's mother was raised.
Date: unknown

Family by House

Description: Copy negative of two pictures of families standing by a house. The first picture is of the family standing by the corner of the house with the porch on the left. They are George Alexander Buchanan, Hubert Henry Buchanan, Elnora Brewer Buchanan, Bertha Leo Buchanan West, Nancy Jean West, and Menvil Mae Buchanan Seastrunk. The second picture is of the family standing in front of the side of a house by a window. They are, from left to right, Scott Lavette Seastrunk, Ruth Martin, Menvil Mae Buchanan Seastrunk, Elnora Brewer Buchanan, Art Martin, Bertha Leo Buchanan West, and Hubert Henry Buchanan with young Nancy Jean West standing in front.
Date: unknown

Family on Front Porch

Description: Copy negative of a group portrait of families. There are twenty family members in the picture, sixteen of whom are named. There are twelve children and eight adults. They are standing on the front porch of the Notgrass home. A fence out front is held together by wires. The known names of the family in the photograph are: Floradel Notgrass, Dicy Boles Bryant, Seborn Bryant, Joseph Bryant, Hubert Henry Buchanan, Walter Notgrass, Virginia Notgrass, Saphronie Notgrass, Nancy Boles Buchanan, Ethel Iola Buchanan, William Buchanan, Pearl Bryan, Thomas Ferguson, Cynthia Adeline Teague Boles Ferguson, and Alva Bryant.
Date: unknown

Family on Front Porch

Description: Copy negative of two pictures of the Edmund and Clara Smith family on the porch of their house in Eastland, Texas. In the first picture, Edmund and Clara are on the porch with five of their grandchildren sitting on the steps. In the second picture, more family members are on the porch as well. There are windows and a door behind them and the porch is decorated with plants.
Date: unknown

Family on Porch; Women and Child in Yard

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of a family standing on a porch in Lubbock, Texas. From left to right, starting with the back row they are Dick Williams Ramzire, Jamell Knuckles Williams, Bill Ramzire, Elnora Brewer Buchanan, and Hubert Henry Buchanan. Sitting are Louis Maurice Williams, Sharon Kay Hamilton, and Archie W. Hamilton. The second picture is of three women and a young girl standing in a yard in Cisco, Texas. They are Sharon Kay Hamilton, Bobbie Jean Williams Hamilton, Mary Adeline Xenia Buchanan Williams, and Nancy Boles Buchanan.
Date: unknown

Family Portrait

Description: Copy negative of the Stevens family portrait. Henry and Adelia Worthington Stevens sit in chairs as one son sits in Henry's lap as the other stands next to Adelia. The boys names are Olen and John Stevens.
Date: unknown

Girl with Birthday Cake; Late 1950s School Pictures; School Pictures; School Pictures; Portrait of Woman; Baby Picture; Portrait of Woman

Description: Copy negative of seven pictures. The picture in the middle at the top is of Nancy Jean West standing in a yard in a plaid dress, holding a birthday cake in 1951 in Cisco, Texas. The picture on the top right is a school picture of Nancy Jean West in the late 1950s in Midland, Texas. The first and second pictures on the bottom row are school pictures of Nancy Jean west in 1953 in Cisco. The third and last pictures on the bottom row are portraits of Bertha Leo Buchanan West in the early 1930s in Cisco. The second to last picture on the bottom row is a baby picture of Lance Greer taken on March 26, 1967 in Midland.
Date: unknown

Girls with Dolls; Portrait of Mother and Child

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of Ova Milling Brown and LaNelle Hefner in costumes holding baby dolls with men, a horse and buggy, and houses in the background, taken in Sweetwater in 1916. The second picture is a portrait of mother and daughter Lydia Young and Verna Nell Young taken in the mid 1920's in Eastland.
Date: 1916

Grave Marker

Description: Copy negative of a Loda E Teague's grave marker. It is in the shape of a tree and has leaves at the bottom. There is an emblem for forest woodmen circle on the grave marker. There is an inscription on the tombstone.
Date: unknown