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Couple in Yard
Copy negative of John and Thelma Berry standing in a yard in front of a garden trellis and a house. Mr. Berry is wearing a dark suit and Mrs. Berry is wearing a dark dress and high heels.
Family Picture
Copy negative of the McCarley Family in Turkey, Texas. Four men in dark suits and neckties are standing in the back row, including two who are wearing hats. Seated in front of them are four women in dresses, and in front of the women are two young boys and one young girl. In the background is an elderly man in a necktie and a garden trellis.
Hall County
Blue line print of a survey map of Hall County, Texas, showing rivers, creeks, original land grants or surveys, blocks of land, cities, towns, roads, and railroads. A group of three separate tracts are outlined in red pencil and labeled W. J. Lewis, A. C. Hughes, and [city of] Turkey. Scale [ca. 1:177,777] (4000 varas to 3/4 of an inch).
Man Conducting Band
Copy negative of guest conductor Darryl Phillips directing the McMurry Band, viewed from behind the band on the left side. The band members are seated on a stage with curtains, and the director is standing with a baton.
Topographic quadrangle map of Plainview, Texas, showing populated areas, boundaries, water bodies, railroads, roads, landmarks, and a location diagram for NI 14-4. Relief shown by contours (interval 100 feet with supplementary contours at 500 foot intervals) and spot heights and includes a key, road classification, and quadrangle location diagrams. Scale 1:250,000
Portrait of Family
Copy negative of a portrait of J. B. McCarley and family in Turkey, Texas in 1928. The group is standing in front of a building with a window.
Snapshot of Two Adults by House
Copy negative Mr. and Mrs. J.B. McCarley standing in front of two windows and a trellis. Mr. McCarley is a full striped suit with a tie and holding a hat. Mrs. McCarley is wearing a long patterned dress. Both are wearing glasses.
Texas Ranches Panhandle Section
Survey map of large ranches in the Texas Panhandle region, including the name and/or the owner(s) of each ranch. Map also includes labeled counties, towns, rivers, creeks, and roads. Handwritten notes have been made to the map in pencil to denote the approximate acreage of a number of ranches.