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Big Springs

Description: Topographic quadrangle map of Big Spring, Texas, and the surrounding area, showing towns, roads, bodies of water, landmarks, and borders, with relief shown by contours (interval 100 feet with supplementary contours at 50 foot intervals) and spot heights. A location diagram is included in the lower-right corner. Scale 1:250,000
Date: 1954
Creator: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.
Location Info:

Building Exterior

Description: Copy negative of a card, showing a picture of the Hotel Hefner in Sweetwater, Texas. The card has the address, rates, and a description of the services provided by Doctors Hefner and Brown, who are located at the hotel.
Date: unknown

Child in Yard; Child in Yard

Description: 1 copy negative of 2 images. The first image is of a baby, Kit Carson Hefner. She is in the yard, opening the gate of a white fence. Several other houses can be seen in the background. The second image is of Kit standing in the middle of the same yard, wearing a hat.
Date: unknown

Combination Map of Parts of Jones, Taylor, Fisher, and Nolan Counties.

Description: Survey map of parts of Jones, Taylor, Fisher, and Nolan Counties, showing rivers, towns, boundaries, creeks, original land grants or surveys, roads, and blocks of land. A legend indicating drilling wells, gas wells, abandoned wells, and dry holes is included in the lower-left corner of the second sheet. Handwritten notes have been made on the map in red pencil to outline specific tracts of land. Scale [ca. 1:66,667] (2000 varas to the inch).
Date: unknown

Family in Car

Description: Copy negative of a family in a car. In the front seat are Francis Marion Hefner and Jonathan Stone driving. In the back seat are mother Lela Hefner Cummings and children Maurice, Alpha Theta, and Imogene.The car is on a dirt road with a field and fence in the background, and has a trunk tied to the side.
Date: unknown

Family in Front of House

Description: Copy negative of a family standing in front of a house with horses. There are seven children, a man, and a woman. Two of the boys are holding horses. The house has a porch and a fence around it, and there is a small water tower behind it.
Date: unknown

Family in Yard

Description: Copy negative of H. L, Edna, Lucille, Ray and Roy Knight. There are two images, the one on the left is of a baby on a yard looking down at a tilted over tricycle, with a big two story house in the background. The picture on the right is of a family, with a man and a woman standing behind four young children of different ages.
Date: unknown

Girls with Dolls; Portrait of Mother and Child

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of Ova Milling Brown and LaNelle Hefner in costumes holding baby dolls with men, a horse and buggy, and houses in the background, taken in Sweetwater in 1916. The second picture is a portrait of mother and daughter Lydia Young and Verna Nell Young taken in the mid 1920's in Eastland.
Date: 1916

Group Camping

Description: Copy photograph of a group of seven people camping. There appear to be three men and four women present. The man in the foreground is holding a shotgun. Seated on the ground near two kettles are a man and a woman, and behind them are three other women and a man shielding his face with his hat.
Date: unknown

Hospital Exterior

Description: Copy negative of the exterior of a hospital out in an big field. The building is two stories high. There are two trucks parked outside the hospital. In the background there seems to be other houses and buildings surrounded by trees.
Date: unknown

Hotel Exterior with People

Description: Copy negative of several people, including the Hefner family, gathered in front of Hotel Hefner. The hotel is two-stories tall with a wrap-around porch and balcony. The group includes fourteen men, nine women, a small boy and a baby. The men mostly wear suits and hats and the women wear long with high collars.
Date: unknown