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Baby Pictures
Copy negative of two portraits of babies. The photograph on the left is of Norma Ann Smith in a light colored dress laying on some silky fabric, taken in the 1940's. The picture on the right is of Theodore Stephen Green sitting in a chair, laughing with a white background, taken in 1950.
Family Reunion
Copy negative of a Henry Edmund Smith family reunion taken by Russell Studio of Shawnee, Oklahoma. The picture shows a large group of people standing in front of a house in Maud, Oklahoma.
Family Reunion
Copy negative of a family picture taken at Henry Edmund Smith and Clara Ann Hefner Smith's 50th wedding anniversary in Maud, Oklahoma by Russell Studio of Shawnee. The picture shows a group of people in a room arranged behind a dinner table. From left to right, standing in the back are Price, Baxter, Verna, Lydia, Norman, and Andy Smith. Seated, from left to right are Marion, Walter, H. E., Clara, and Flemon Smith. There is a picture on the wall, food on the table, and chairs in front of the table.
Portrait of Baby
Copy negative of two portraits of Norma Ann Smith as a baby in Shawnee, Oklahoma. In the first, she is looking to the right smiling and is holding something in her hands. In the second, she is wearing a bonnet and smiling. The pictures are by Photo by Don of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Portrait of Children
Copy negative of two pictures of children in front of a porch. The first picture is of just baby Penny Smith standing beside a chair with a door behind her. The second picture is of Penny sitting in the chair, Bill Smith standing on the left, Clara Joe Smith on the right, and Warren Smith in the back.
Portrait of Man; Portrait of Woman
1 copy negative of 2 images. The first is a portrait of Walter Smith. He is dressed in a suit and wearing a cap. The second image is a portrait of Verna Smith Hurley.
Portrait of Woman
Copy negative of a portrait of Clara Ann Hefner Smith wearing glasses and dark clothing with a light collar.
Portrait of Woman; Man and Children in Garden
Copy negative of two pictures. The picture on the left is a portrait of Verna Hurley wearing glasses, taken in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The picture on the right is of John Young and his daughters Bertha Ann Young and Verna Nell Young, taken in Olden, Texas in 1928. The man is standing in a garden holding the baby with the other young girl standing on the right.
Portrait of Women with Baby
Copy negative of a portrait of four generations of family members. Three women and a baby are posed, smiling. Their names are Clara Smith Bonn, Verna Hurley Bonn, Dolores Townsend Bonn, and Norman Quinman Townsend.