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[Abilene Hall Fire]

Description: Photograph of firefighters attempting to control the fire at Old Abilene Hall, showing groups of firemen pointing hoses at the second-story windows. A group of helpful students carrying rubble in a wheelbarrow can be seen going down the front entrance steps.
Date: 1947
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[Art Forum Pressbook, 1947-1948]

Description: Pressbook documenting art events in Abilene, Texas, from 1947 to 1948 with emphasis on those of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Sixth District. Included in the scrapbook for this year is a brochure celebrating the Ten Year Anniversary of the Abilene Museum of Fine Arts. A report of the Art Unit activities is also included as are notes of possible exhibits for the Fine Arts Museum. Local events and local artists are also highlighted.
Date: 1947/1948
Creator: Carpenter, Allie Mae