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Four Kids on Horse
Copy negative of Jerome, Wilson, Ina Belle and Thelma McCartey as children on horseback. The boys are wearing button-up shirts and the girls are wearing dresses and bows in their hair.
Girl and Doll
Copy negative of a young girl, Thelma McCarley, holding her doll (baby Jim) in Paducah, Texas. Thelma is wearing a dress and long stockings.
Mother with Her Daughter
Copy negative of a Lorene holding her daughter Elizabeth Graves. Lorene's hair is pulled back into a bun and she is wearing a light colored shirt and a dark skirt and Elizabeth is wearing a light colored dress with dark stockings and shoes. The image is encased in a rectangular holder that has an oval opening.
Portrait of Two Children
Copy negative of two children, Thelma McCarley and Katherine Russell, posing for a picture in Paducah, Texas. The older girl, a toddler, is wearing a white dress with a white bow in her hair while holding the back of a wooden chair. The younger, an infant, is also in a white dress and sits in the wooden chair.
Two Women on Porch
Copy negative of Lura Collier Flynn and Frances Collier McCarley standing together on a porch wearing light colored clothing.