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Baby on Porch
Copy photograph of a baby playing on the porch of a wooden house. The baby is playing with a teddy bear on a chair that's been tipped on its side.
Child with Wagon
Copy negative of an unknown child playing in a wagon. In the background there are trees that cover a partially visible house.
Children by School
Copy photograph of a group of school children outside a school. The children are posed in three rows outside a wooden building. The smallest children sit on the ground while the older children stand behind. Some children do not have shoes.
Children on Ladder
Copy negative of a big group of children standing under a wooden ladder, with different ones poking through the steps. In the background there is a house with a small porch.
Children Playing
Copy photograph of two children standing outside a wooden house. The boy is scowling and wearing a toy gun holster. The girl has a bow in her hair and is standing with her hands on her hips. Behind them is a window.
Exterior House
Copy photograph of the exterior of a house surrounded by trees and a white fence. The house is two storeys and made of wood and has a brick chimney.
Family Reunion
Copy photograph of a group picture of the Wallace family. Nine members of the family - six women and three men - are posed in two rows in front of a wooden, one-storey house. Seated in the front row is an elderly couple and two young women. Standing in the back are three women and two men.
Girl with Baby in Stroller
Copy negative of a picture of a young girl pushing a baby in a stroller. The girl is wearing a dress with a belt, the baby is wearing a gown. In the background there is a fence door and trees.
Girls on a Tree
Copy negative of a picture of a group of unknown women on a tree. They are all wearing dresses and hanging off different branches. In the background multiple houses are visible.
Girls on Lawn
Copy negative of a group of girls all wearing similar light dresses in a yard. They are all standing in a circle, in the background there is a wooden fence and houses and a barn.
Group Outdoors
Copy negative of a portrait of several people standing in a yard, including Nancy Naomi Gregg Perkins. The people are all dressed in suits and ties or dresses while they pose for a picture.
Men With Horse Drawn Wagon
Copy photograph of two men in a horse-drawn wagon. They are wearing shirts with ties. Behind them is a drug store, and next to it a dry goods store. The wagon is pulled by one horse.
Copy photograph of the Hardin-Simmons University Six White Horses in a parade in Colorado City, Texas. The riders, all women, carry the six flags of Texas. There is a store behind called Landaus. A crowd watches from the side of the street.
People by River
Copy negative of several people, one of whom is Marguerite Gregg, in formal dress on a hill next to the Colorado River. The river is visible behind the people.
People on Picnic
Copy negative of two images, the top image is of a a man an three women wearing nice clothes and hats. Behind them is a fence, bushes and a building. The bottom image is of a man and three women holding what seem to be vegetables out on a field. Behind them there is a fence leading down a road with a building at the end of it and a windmill in the distance.
Portrait of Women
Copy photograph of a portrait of the Gregg sisters. Three women are pictured, two sitting and one behind, standing. The are wearing large, decorative bonnets and light-colored dresses.
Portrait of Women
Copy photograph of a portrait of two women. One woman is seated and the other stands behind her. The woman in front is wearing a crucifix necklace. Both women are wearing decorative hats.
Woman in Garden
Copy negative of Annie Gregg wearing a casual dress and a bandana with her arms crossed. In the background there is a big house with a picket fence around it.
Woman in Yard
Copy negative of an unknown woman holding what seems to be a kitten in her hands. She is wearing a long light dress out in a yard in front of a house.
Women by Farmhouse in Field
Copy photograph of two women and two small children by a farmhouse in a field. The women and children are wearing white dresses. There are two large trees behind the farmhouse.
Women by House
Copy negative of a portrait of 4 women eating outdoors. One of the women is Annie Gregg, and a few houses can be seen in the background.