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Howard Merry, D. M. Mathews, and V. C. Perini, Jr. at Matthews Ranch

Description: Copy negative of a picture of men thought to be Howard Merry, D. M. Mathews, V. C. Perini, Jr., and Judge J. R. Mathews standing outside at the Mathews Ranch. Howard Merry is holding a large piece of paper. In handwriting, above the man on the left's head is written "?Bud?" under the second man is written "Howard Merry," under the third man is written "Judge, J. R. Mathews," and at the bottom of the photograph is written, "Mathews Ranch, 729 Throckmorton Co Texas," with more that is cut off.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Man and Woman

Description: Copy negative of Jim Berry, seated and Pearl Berry standing with her left hand on his shoulder. He is wearing a dark suit and white bow tie. She is wearing a white dress with large sleeves and a high collar. Written below the photograph is, "Jim & Pearl Berry" and printed is, "George, Photographer, Albany, Texas".
Date: unknown