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Family Reunion

Description: Copy negative of five members from five generations of a family at the Hefner family reunion and Warren Hefner's birthday. From left to right they are Warren Hefner, Katie Syrena Hefner Hughes, Will Hughes, and Edna Hughes Wood and daughter.
Date: 1930~

HSU Ex-Students Banquet

Description: Copy negative of a large group of people sitting at long tables at an HSU ex-students banquet at the Grace Hotel. Mrs. H. A. Pender and Harry Hayes are pictured. There is a Paramount Studios logo stamped at the bottom right corner.
Date: 1930~

Man with Tractor and Barn; Man and Girl and Pony

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of George Nathan Cook standing beside a tractor with a barn in the background and other equipment, taken in Truby in the 1930's. The second picture is is of Daniel Ray (D. R.) DeRusha and young Romara Ray DeRusha standing with a pinto pony in a field with trees, taken in 1947.
Date: 1930~/1947

Moutray Oil Company Truck

Description: Copy negative of a Moutray Oil Company truck parked on the street in front of a Moutray Oil Company storefront. The Moutray logo is printed on the passenger side door of the truck along with the words "P.R. Gerlack, Distributor" and "Bradshaw, Texas." A patterned border surrounds the photograph.
Date: 1930~

Woman on Porch; Centennial Photo

Description: Copy negative of 2 images. The first image shows Polly Reynolds Stevens wearing a dress standing on a porch. The porch appears to be made out of brick. The second image shows a younger Polly Reynolds Stevens wearing a polka dot dress. There is a star behind her with the words "Texas Centennial" and the dates "1836" and 1936" written above it.
Date: 1936~/1950~