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[Painting of Julius Olsen]
Oil painting of Julius Olsen, visible from the shoulders up, wearing academic regalia. His shirt collar and striped tie can be seen above the gown.
[Portrait of Edgar Lewis Marston]
Drawing of Edgar Lewis Marston, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a dark-colored suit and a tie.
[Cartoon of Ken Ford]
Cartoon of Ken Ford as part of a newspaper AP Newsfeature. The artwork also describes John “Model-T” Ford, Ken’s older brother, and Sammy Baugh, Ken’s tutor at Hardin-Simmons University. The image has been autographed by Ken Ford.
Washington Tubbs (Wash Tubbs) Cartoon Promotional Notices
A collection of promotional notices advertising the Washington Tubbs (Wash Tubbs) comic strip, drawn by noted cartoonist Roy Crane.
A collection of drawings, most likely originally appearing in a single tablet, done by a young Roy Crane.
[Comic Anatomy with Criticisms]
Ink drawings of male figures, mostly naked or wearing loincloths, depicting action in the human form. There are handwritten notes in pencil around the drawings, with arrows pointing to different parts of each drawing.
[Miscellaneous Advertising and Political Comics]
Compilation of political and advertising cartoons, depicting caricatures of angels, African-Americans, and Nazis. The compilation also includes non-caricature sketches of men, women, automobiles, and a small, one-story house.
[Comics with Criticisms]
Cartoons drawn by Roy Crane, Jr., depicting a farm scene, a street scene, and a scene inside a small house, with notes and criticisms handwritten around the drawings.
[Sports Comics with Criticisms]
Sports-themed comics drawn by Roy Crane, Jr., with criticisms handwritten on and around the drawings.
[Symbolic Character Cartoons with Criticisms]
Caricature drawings of various humanoid figures drawn by Roy Crane, Jr., including a giant grim reaper skeleton following behind an automobile driving down a mountainside, with notes handwritten on and around the drawings.
[Social-Themed Comics]
Collection of comic strips dealing with social themes, including the beach and a track meet, signed by Roy Crane.
[Reaction Comics with Criticisms]
Cartoon drawings of people with various expressive reactions drawn by Roy Crane, Jr., with notes and criticisms handwritten around the drawings.
[Roy Crane's Timely Cartoons with Criticisms]
Collection of ink-drawn comics labeled, "Timely Cartoons," and signed by Roy Crane. There are also notes and criticisms handwritten in pencil on and around the drawings.
[Collegiate-Themed Cartoons]
A collection of cartoons and caricatures depicting various social themes in colleges and universities, including clubs, athletics, exams, and alumni.
[Journal of Drawings]
Tablet with drawings of trains, maps, and ships and a few brief writings. The tablet has a picture of a small boy in a wooden barrel on the front.
[Foreshortening and Exaggerating Action Comics with Criticism]
Cartoon drawings of people in action - some drawn by Roy Crane, Jr., and some drawn by Charles N. Landon - with notes and criticisms handwritten around the drawings.
[Political and Relationships Comics]
A collection of political and social comics drawn in ink, with extra marks in pencil, including a drawing on the back of one of the illustrations
[Anatomy and Architectural Sketches]
A collection of human anatomy and architectural sketches, each dated and signed by the artist.