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Big Springs
Topographic quadrangle map of Big Spring, Texas, and the surrounding area, showing towns, roads, bodies of water, landmarks, and borders, with relief shown by contours (interval 100 feet with supplementary contours at 50 foot intervals) and spot heights. A location diagram is included in the lower-right corner. Scale 1:250,000
Scurry County
Blue line print of survey map of Scurry County, Texas, showing rivers, creeks, original land grants or surveys, blocks of land, cities, towns, and railroads. Scale [ca. 1:177,778] (4000 varas to 3/4 of an inch).
Man Aiming Buffalo Gun
Copy negative of William Slaughter aiming a buffalo gun on a gun stand made of large sticks. William is wearing a brimmed hat and a suit jacket. Behind him is land divided by fences with a few trees spread across it.
Scurry Co.
Survey map of Scurry County, Texas, showing property lines, ownership, land grants, and plat numbers. The map also includes towns, roads, rivers, and creeks. Scale [ca. 1:133,333] (4000 varas to the inch).