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Man by Oil Claim Marker

Description: Copy negative of an unknown man standing near three oil markers. The image is taken from a distance in order to view all three markers. The markers are made from stacked sandstone and the center marker is as tall as the man standing next to it. The man is wearing a hats, long pants, a long sleeved button down shirt and stands with his hands on his hips. In the foreground, the landscape is composed of pebbles and rock fragments with few bushes scattered about. The image was taken in Wyoming or Utah.
Date: unknown

Two Men on Horseback

Description: Copy negative of two unknown men on horseback. The man on left is riding a light colored horse while the man on the right is on a much darker horse. Both men are wearing hats and longsleeves. They appear to be traveling on sand.
Date: unknown

Perini Home Exterior

Description: Copy negative of a view of what is thought to be the Perini home at 1162 Glenwood in Abilene, Texas. There is a tree in the foreground and a fence, trees, car, and partial view of another house in the background.
Date: unknown