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Perini Family Shrine

Description: Copy negative of two pictures of Perini family shrines in Italy. The print over the entrance of the first says "Famiglia Perini," and the second says "Coniugi Perini." Both are concrete structures with a metal gate across the front, cross decorations, and a plaque in the back with writing on it. There are mountains in the background.
Date: unknown

Army Truck Convoy; Soldiers Marching in Formation

Description: 1 copy negative of 2 images. Image A is an Army Truck convoy traveling in one wide line. One soldier stands in front of each vehicle. Mountains are visible in the background. Image B has a large number of soldiers marching in formation along a dirt road. There are two flags being carried and it appears they are on a military base.
Date: unknown

Two Soldiers Relaxing by a Stone Wall

Description: Copy negative of two men in military uniforms sitting on a lawn. To their left is the end of a stone wall. There is a plant in front of the wall. The soldier on the left is sitting with his legs crossed and is looking at something string-like that he is pulling out from between his teeth. The soldier on the right is lying down on his side and smiling. Behind them are homes with a few trees planted in front.
Date: unknown

Three Men and Two Children by Bi-Plane; Bi-plane

Description: Copy negative of two photographs positioned side-by-side. In the left image three men in aviator clothing are standing in front of the lower wing of a bi-plane. Two children are walking by behind the plane. Mountains are visible in the distance. In the right image a bi-plane is parked in a dirt field. A bicycle is lying on the ground to the left of the plane. In the distance there are trees and power lines.
Date: unknown


Description: Copy negative of two man standing next to a biplane. The airplane has a propeller and two-tier wings. One man is bending down near one of the plane's front wheels. Another man is standing by the tip of the lower wing on the right side of the image. The plane is parked in a dirt field. The original photograph was taken during an oil exploration and survey expedition in Wyoming or Utah.
Date: unknown

Man with Dog and Fishing Pole

Description: Copy negative of a man and a dog on the grassy shore of a lake. The man is wearing a vest, cap, and tall boots and holding a fishing pole in one hand. He is holding the right paw of a dark-colored dog in this other hand. They are on the grassy shore in front of a body of water. A tree is behind them.
Date: unknown