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People Playing Bridge
Copy negative of Thelma and John Berry seated around a table with a young man, playing a card game. Behind them is another group of people seated around a table. In the background is a couch and coffee table and in the background is a staircase with an ornate banister.
Family on Picnic
Copy negative of John and Cliff Berry with family on a picnic. Both men are wearing cowboy hats and seated on a porch with a young girl and boy. Standing behind them and beside the porch are three women skirts, dresses and hats.
Family Picnic
Copy negative of the Berry family having a picnic and Cliff Berry's house. There are several people sitting on the porch, one woman standing on the steps, a young girl interested in the flowers on a vine, and a truck parked on the left.
Cliff Berry Family
Copy negative of the Berry family standing outside in front of a building. Cliff Berry is the man on the left, young Jim is in front of him, the woman in the back is Billie, the baby is Linda, and the girl on the right is Joan.