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Unknown Girl in Garden; Children Playing on Cabin Front Steps
Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of an unknown little girl in a light colored dress standing outside with plants and trees around her. The second is of young Vee Perini in a striped shirt and another child facing backward, standing in front of the steps of a cabin.
Cabin in Evergreen, CO
Copy negative of a rock and log cabin in Evergreen, Colorado. The cabin is two-stories tall and has a front and back porch.
Cabin in Evergreen, CO
Copy negative of a two-story log cabin with a carport. The cabin is surrounded by pine trees.
Emma and Vee Perini Outside Cabin; Rebecca W. Blake and Thile Walker Outside Cabin
Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of grandmother Emma Perini standing outside in front of the steps of a cabin with grandson Vee Perini. The second is of Rebecca W. Blake and Thile Walker standing together outside with plants and a house in the background.
Perini Family and Willis Gerhart on Cabin Steps; Floyd Blake Seated in Lawn Chair
Copy negative of two pictures. In the first, Willis Gerhart and the Perini family including Emma and Vee Perini are standing outside by the steps of a cabin, with one woman sitting. In the second picture, Floyd Blake is sitting with a cane in a chair outside by a sidewalk with trees in the background.
Perini Sons with Grandma Emma Perini
Copy negative of Emma Perini with grandsons Tom, Vee, and Charles Perini. Two of the boys are sitting in the floor in front of her and one is sitting in the chair with her. They are in a room with another chair, a lamp, curtains and other decor.
Comedians ; Perini Family at Cabin
Copy negative of 2 images. The first shows three people, two men and one woman, in costume behind a stage curtain. There are props for a performance, including a horn and set, in the foreground. This photograph was taken in 1960. The image is bordered by a line pattern. The second image shows the Perini family gathering in front of a cabin in Evergreen, CO. There are several generations represented and a dog.