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Street Scene

Description: Copy negative of the shopping strip of Putnam, TX. There are several black cars parked along the streets and one drives down the street. G. P. Groceries is a visible store along the strip.
Date: unknown

Girls at School

Description: Copy negative of two photographs. The first shows Jonnie Kennedy standing on a step near the entry of a building. The second shows left to right: Mary Yeager, Jonnie Kennedy and Agnes Hausel.
Date: unknown

Baby Picture

Description: Copy negative portrait of a child taken in the Home Studio by photographers Swafford & Swafford in Baird, Texas. The photograph is mounted. The child wears a dress and dress shoes.
Date: unknown

Children with Goat Cart

Description: Copy negative of three Buchanan children, Mary, George, and Bertha, playing with a goat cart on the side of a house. George is sitting inside the cart holding the reigns as his dog sits with him. The two girls are standing on either side of him and are wearing the same checkered dresses and hats. The goat is hooked to the cart.
Date: unknown

Men and Boy in Yard

Description: Copy negative of John, Jim and Cliff Berry standing with James Berry as a young boy. All three men are wearing button-up shirts and hats, one is wearing a necktie. James Berry stands in front of them in a sweater and denim pants.
Date: unknown