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Street Sign

Description: Copy photograph of a street sign in Casablanca, Morocco. The sign is composed of six arrow signs pointing to various cities, including Paris, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo, spelled here as "Tokio." In the background are several buildings and pedestrians, including men in military uniform.
Date: unknown

Oriental Man in Shop

Description: Copy negative of an unidentified man of Asian descent sitting in a wooden chair in a shop. He is surrounded by pottery. In the background, there are cups and woven baskets hanging from the walls, and also more pottery on shelves.
Date: unknown

Plane Crash Site

Description: Copy negative of an unidentified plane crash. In the foreground, there is a field with tall grass leaning towards the ground; there is also a large pool of water. In the background, there is a partial view of the airplane, and there are several men standing around the crash site. Below the photograph is text that says "India." To the left of the photo, there is another partially visible photograph.
Date: unknown

Two Men on Bench

Description: Copy negative of two people on a bench in Casablanca. One is wearing plaid clothes with no shoes, and one is wearing a hood and blanket. Two other men are sunning in the background. The area is concrete with small tents on a level above.
Date: unknown

Scrapped Plane

Description: Copy photograph of an aerial view of a scrapped plane and several trucks and men in a field. The men appear to be dismantling the plane. The American aircraft star insignia is visible on the left wing and near the center of the body of the plane. The number on the tail is 25459.
Date: unknown