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[Birth Certificate of Annie Maude Aycock]

Description: Birth certificate of Annie Maude Aycock, containing information about her birth and her parents.
Date: June 4, 1899
Creator: Texas State Department of Health. Bureau of Vital Statistics
Item Type: Text

[Transfer of Title Between D.B. Corley and K.K. Legett]

Description: Legal document written by D.B. Corley concerning a transfer of rights to two books, "Lives of the Twelve Apostles" and "A Visit to Uncle Tom's Cabin," and two patents, No. 492143 and No. 495252.
Date: August 23, 1894
Creator: Corley, D. B.
Item Type: Text

[Newspaper Article and Letter from Ellouise Cockrell Stevenson to W.J. Bryan - February 24, 1938]

Description: Small newspaper clipping of an article from the Abilene Reporter, speaking of a letter addressed to W.J. Bryan that was found in a building in Nebraska. Also included is a letter from Ellouise Cockrell Stevenson to W.J. Bryan, containing a transcript of an article written by Stevenson's father about the location of the Federal Court in Abilene.
Date: February 24, 1938
Creator: Stevenson, Ellouise Cockrell
Item Type: Letter

[Loan Notes and Envelope]

Description: Two loan notes, the first recognizing a loan made to John Bell and Alex Martin by Spoonts & Legett, and the second a loan made to Dixon English by Legett & Hardwicke. Also included is an envelope with printed and handwritten text.
Date: [1883, 1893]
Item Type: Text

[List of Outstanding Debts]

Description: Paper with handwritten list of names with dollar amounts next to them, and notes such as "Funeral," "Xmas time Baby - 4 yrs," and "When boy was sick."
Date: unknown
Item Type: Text

Copy of Deed to Geo. W. Jalonick, 20 Acres

Description: Handwritten document transferring land from Samuel and Elizabeth Glasscock to George W. Jalonick.
Date: October 1883
Creator: Glasscock, Elizabeth; Glasscock, Samuel & Rosenberg, W. Von
Item Type: Text

The Abilene Daily Reporter, Volume 17, Number 109

Description: May 6, 1913 issue of The Abilene Daily Reporter, including several articles. The headline reads, "Reply of the Abilene County Seat Committee to the Article of Mr. T.B. Holliday, Which is Printed in Today's Reporter."
Date: May 6, 1913
Item Type: Newspaper

Miss Fay

Description: Poem written in honor of a women named "Miss Fay." A handwritten note on the paper says "2/3/67 from Mrs. Jones."
Date: February 3, 1967
Item Type: Text

Legett Family Record

Description: Copy of an attachment mailed to Mr. W.R. Nettles, who then mailed it to Mrs. Percy Jones. The attachment includes a history and genealogical record of the Legett family.
Date: February 14, 1956
Item Type: Text

[Letter from Elwin L. Skiles to Mrs. Percy Jones - September 4, 1970]

Description: Letter written to Mrs. Percy Jones from Erwin L. Skiles, president of Hardin-Simmons University, concerning a resolution related to K.K. Legett. Included is a typed copy of the resolution, entitled "Resolution of Appreciation For the Services of Judge K. K. Legett to Simmons College."
Date: September 4, 1970
Creator: Skiles, Elwin L.
Item Type: Letter