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[Photograph of Old Behrens Chapel Fire]

Description: Photograph of the original Behrens Chapel on fire, showing a large crowd of onlookers watching as firefighters attempt to put out the fire with fire hoses. A fire truck can be seen parked in to grass, with a firefighter climbing up the ladder to the roof of the building.
Date: Autumn 1957
Creator: Blevins, Stan

[Photograph of Women's Club]

Description: Group photograph of a women’s club at Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. Note on the back of the photo reads, “Ladies Society - Simmons University, 1903 -- Bottom row: 2nd from left Mary Paxton (Mrs. Herman Pender) -- 3rd from left ([?] Dorschus?) -- 6th from left Dovie Hicks.”
Date: 1903?
Creator: Davis, W. B. (Ben)

[Photograph of Child Roping]

Description: Photographic slide of a child practicing her lassoing skills at the 2003 Western Heritage Day. The child attempts to rope an imitation steer head attached to a hay square. One of the student helpers is shown tying the rope into a lasso.
Date: 2003
Creator: Diekel, Tom