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[Alonso De León's Last Expedition into Texas in 1690]

Description: Map of Spanish explorer Alonso de León's last expedition into Texas, beginning from Coahuila, Mexico, and ending at an East Texas mission. The map includes major missions, rivers, and streams on the route. There is also an inset map in the lower-right corner titled "Descríptíon exerm del Lago de S. Bernardo y del de Todos Santos que nuevamente se halló en ano de 1960" (Description of Lake S. Bernardo and Lake Todos Santos which again were found in the year 1690). The inset map has lakes and canals identified as well as the route taken by de León marked by a red line.
Date: unknown

Ambulance by Building with Armed Men

Description: Copy negative of an unidentified group of men with guns and ammunition sitting in an ambulance wagon. There is also a group of men standing in front of the ambulance; all of the men are facing the background. The ambulance has a medical cross emblem and text partially visible on the side that says "Servi... Sanitario ...itar." In the background, there is a building identified as "Presidencia Municipal," and has text bearing that name on the front of it.
Date: unknown

Band in Uniform

Description: Copy negative of the McMurry Band standing on a sidewalk outside a shop in Black Rocks, Mexico. One student is wearing a sombrero and having his shoes shined by a boy. Another is balancing baskets on his head.
Date: unknown

Band Students

Description: Copy negative of the McMurry Band standing together on a street in Del Rio Texas. Some of the students are in uniform, but most of the girls aren't. There are buildings lining the street, a bus behind them, and the location is written at the top left of the photograph.
Date: unknown

House Exterior

Description: Copy negative of two images. The top photograph shows railroad tracks running through Palo Blanco, Mexico. Written across the bottom of the photograph is, "La Brecha, Palo Blano." The bottom photograph shows a large house with a wrap-around porch. In the foreground are buggies and the word, "Soledad".
Date: unknown

Official Highway Travel Map: State of Texas

Description: Topographic map of Texas, produced by the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation, showing roads and highways, cities and towns, county lines, bodies of water, and areas of elevation as well as rest areas, tourist centers, and other state areas of interest. Inset map of the Texas Panhandle in the upper-left corner. The map also includes an index of cities and towns, mileage chart, and conversion table from liters to gallons and kilometers to miles in Spanish. Relief shown by shading. Scale [ca. 1:1,457,280] (23 miles to the inch). The back of the map includes a note from the governor, advising safe driving observances, and maps of 14 metropolitan areas of Texas, giving specific street and building names. Scale varies.
Date: 1975
Location Info:

Oil Field Equipment

Description: Copy negative of two pictures of oil well machinery. The top picture is an interior view with machines inside a building with windows. The bottom picture is of a group of men standing at the base of an oil well with pipes and equipment.
Date: unknown

Perfil Cortado Sobre la Luka 1.2.

Description: Duplicated blueline map showing a profile of an area around the San Saba River, with pictorial representations. Text at the top includes an explanation of "Plano de el Presidio de San Saba, situado en 31°.38' de Latitud Bor'l. y 273°.27' de Longitud contada desde el Meridiano de el Pico de Tenerife." and additional notes.
Date: unknown

Two Men on Bench

Description: Copy negative of two people on a bench in Casablanca. One is wearing plaid clothes with no shoes, and one is wearing a hood and blanket. Two other men are sunning in the background. The area is concrete with small tents on a level above.
Date: unknown

View of Village

Description: Copy negative of two views of the village Tepetate, Mexico. The top picture shows small buildings, tents, and people on a hillside. The bottom picture is of three buildings with a garden in the foreground.
Date: unknown