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Throckmorton Co.

Description: Blue line print of survey map of Throckmorton County, Texas, showing rivers, creeks, original land grants or surveys, including the Comanche Indian Reserve, cities, towns, and roads. Handwritten notes have been made in the lower-right corner of the map in red pencil. Scale [ca. 1:177,778] (4000 varas to 3/4 of an inch).
Date: 1914
Creator: Pressler, C. W. & Terrell, O. O.

Wichita Falls

Description: Topographic quadrangle map of Wichita Falls, Texas, showing populated areas, boundaries, water bodies, railroads, roads, and landmarks. Relief shown by contours (interval 100 feet) and spot heights and includes a location diagram. Scale 1:250,000
Date: 1954
Creator: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.
Location Info:

Building Exterior

Description: Copy negative of the One Room School in Matthews Ranch. It is made of wood and has a fireplace. There are three window on the side of the building. The school house is surrounded by landscape and nature.
Date: unknown

Heydrick's Map of Throckmorton Co. Texas

Description: Survey map of Throckmorton County, Texas, and the surrounding area, showing property lines, ownership, and plat numbers. The map also includes towns, bodies of water, railroads, and Comanche Indian Territory. A legend indicating drilling wells, gas wells, abandoned wells, and dry holes is included in the upper-left corner. Scale [ca. 1:66,667] (2000 varas to the inch).
Date: September 1919

Howard Merry, D. M. Mathews, and V. C. Perini, Jr. at Matthews Ranch

Description: Copy negative of a picture of men thought to be Howard Merry, D. M. Mathews, V. C. Perini, Jr., and Judge J. R. Mathews standing outside at the Mathews Ranch. Howard Merry is holding a large piece of paper. In handwriting, above the man on the left's head is written "?Bud?" under the second man is written "Howard Merry," under the third man is written "Judge, J. R. Mathews," and at the bottom of the photograph is written, "Mathews Ranch, 729 Throckmorton Co Texas," with more that is cut off.
Date: unknown

Perini Oil Well #1 Coming In

Description: Copy negative of a picture of the Perini oil well. There are two men in light clothing on the left holding a hose that is spewing into a body of water in the foreground. There is a structure and equipment behind them. There are handwritten notes at the bottom left of the picture. It was taken on June 10, 1948.
Date: unknown

Surveyor Oscar Hand

Description: Copy negative of a picture of Oscar Hand doing survey work. He is standing behind some surveying equipment in a rocky field with trees in the background. There are handwritten notes at the bottom of the photograph.
Date: unknown