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Wedding Portrait

Description: Copy negative of a wedding portrait of Sallie Parker Willis and Thomas Middlebrook Willis believed to be taken in Abilene, Texas. The photograph was either taken the day of the wedding or the day after. He is sitting in a chair on the right holding a hat, and she is standing behind him on the left holding her hat. They are in front of a studio background with columns. An official Texas historical marker was placed at Thomas Middlebrook Willis' grave in 2009 at the Masonic Cemetery of Abilene, TX. The historical marker states that after graduating from the Law School of Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, T.M. Willis moved to Abilene and established a practice. In 1886 he married Abilene resident Sallie Parker at the First Presbyterian Church of Abilene and the couple had eight children. Willis was elected City Attorney and later served as City Judge.
Date: 1886

[Photograph of College Hack]

Description: Photograph of several female Simmons University students sitting in the college hack. Note on the back of the photo reads, “This picture of the college Hack was made during 1905-06 term -- Left to right - in Hack Picture - On back step Mabel Wylie 1904-10 -- Kitty Cowden 1904-07 -- Chloe McBride 1905-1912 -- Grace Rains 1905-1906 -- Virginia Guitar 1903-1909 -- Myrtle Trantham 1905-1908 -- Para Melinda Robinson 1902-1905 -- Carrie Miller 1903-1910 standing -- This Kodak picture made by Mary Paxton evidently in the year 1905-06 - ___ information, as to college attendance of each occupant - furnished by Randy Armstrong Publications Director of HSU - about 1891."
Date: 1891~
Creator: Paxton, Mary
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[Photograph of Val Halla]

Description: Photograph of the fine arts building and business office (also served as a men’s dorm), Val Halla, at Simmons College. Several men stand in front of the building. This building is located on the current Caldwell Hall site.
Date: [1893..1898]
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[Photograph of Simmons College Class of 1902]

Description: Group photograph of the Simmons College class of 1902 and the college president, C. R. Hairfield. Starting from the back row, left to right: Leltie Logan, George Pearce, Allie Ellerd, William Smith, and Emma Chandler; Seated, left to right: Eva May Hollis, C. R. Hairfield (President), Stewart Logan, and Maude Nevells.
Date: 1902

[Photograph of Women's Club]

Description: Group photograph of a women’s club at Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. Note on the back of the photo reads, “Ladies Society - Simmons University, 1903 -- Bottom row: 2nd from left Mary Paxton (Mrs. Herman Pender) -- 3rd from left ([?] Dorschus?) -- 6th from left Dovie Hicks.”
Date: 1903?
Creator: Davis, W. B. (Ben)

[Anna Hall Dorm Room]

Description: Photograph of Anna Hall women’s dormitory room interior, showing a small table and a pair of chairs set out in the middle of the room. Pennants to colleges such as Simmons, Yale, and Louisiana can be seen on the wall to the left. Typed note in the bottom margin reads, “Girls dorm room - 1905-6.”
Date: [1905..1906]
Creator: Ward