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Children by School

Description: Copy photograph of a group of school children outside a school. The children are posed in three rows outside a wooden building. The smallest children sit on the ground while the older children stand behind. Some children do not have shoes.
Date: unknown

Children Playing

Description: Copy photograph of two children standing outside a wooden house. The boy is scowling and wearing a toy gun holster. The girl has a bow in her hair and is standing with her hands on her hips. Behind them is a window.
Date: unknown

Family Reunion

Description: Copy photograph of a group picture of the Wallace family. Nine members of the family - six women and three men - are posed in two rows in front of a wooden, one-storey house. Seated in the front row is an elderly couple and two young women. Standing in the back are three women and two men.
Date: unknown

Group Outdoors

Description: Copy negative of a portrait of several people standing in a yard, including Nancy Naomi Gregg Perkins. The people are all dressed in suits and ties or dresses while they pose for a picture.
Date: unknown


Description: Copy photograph of the Hardin-Simmons University Six White Horses in a parade in Colorado City, Texas. The riders, all women, carry the six flags of Texas. There is a store behind called Landaus. A crowd watches from the side of the street.
Date: unknown

People on Picnic

Description: Copy negative of two images, the top image is of a a man an three women wearing nice clothes and hats. Behind them is a fence, bushes and a building. The bottom image is of a man and three women holding what seem to be vegetables out on a field. Behind them there is a fence leading down a road with a building at the end of it and a windmill in the distance.
Date: unknown