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Snow Shot #2

Description: Photograph of a road leading into a city. The sidewalks and grass are covered in snow. Power lines are running alongside the roads. In the far distance a couple of buildings are visible.
Date: 1955

Space Kite in Woolworth Store

Description: Photograph of a Space Kite and its packaging. The package reads, "Easiest to FLY, Most Beautiful, Shock Resistant, Patented Rubber Band Assembly. SPACE KITE, America's Kite Supreme - 'Even Dad can fly it'". The kite's banners read, "SPACE KYTE" and have an image of a rocket on them.
Date: 1955

Spann House Construction

Description: Photograph of construction of the Spann house. In the foreground, there is a wooden post with a piece of paper that says "Building Permit." In the background, there are men working, and a wooden border. There are pieces of wooden laying about.
Date: 1955