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Rat Race Taxi

Description: Photograph of a 1959 Chevy taxi parked off a road in Abilene, TX. On the trunk of the taxi is a large poster advertisement persuading commuters to take a taxi instead of driving their personal vehicles. The poster lists reasons taking a cab is a better choice than driving on your own.
Date: 1959

Aerial View: Sul Ross Normal College

Description: Copy negative of two images. The top image is an aerial view of Sul Ross Normal College, now Sul Ross State University. The buildings are all multiple stories. Manicured trees and bushes line the circular drive and the driveway leading up to it from a road. The lower aerial image is an expanded view of the same location. In the foreground are the buildings of the image above with several other buildings clustered together. Behind these buildings is an open landscape leading up to mountain slopes.
Date: unknown

Basketball Game

Description: Copy negative of a donkey mascot wearing a "Stamford" sheet at a basketball game at Simmons College. The donkey is the mascot for the Stamford College Mules of Stamford, Texas. There are spectators in the background.
Date: 1915

[Photograph of Man and Woman in Mountains; Four Men; Oscar Temple and Woman; Man and Woman]

Description: Copy negative of four pictures from 1916 and/or 1917 pasted in a scrapbook. One is of a man and woman standing in front of a snowy wooded mountain with another person in the background. One is of four men in front of some woods. One is of Oscar Temple and a woman sitting in the grass in front of a tree with houses in the background. The other is of Oscar Temple and a woman standing in an open area with buildings in the background.
Date: 1916~

Family on Porch

Description: Copy negative of, from left to right, Linda Berry Holley, sons Cliff Holley, Bill Holley, Jr., and husband Bill Holley standing on the porch of John Berry's stone house in Lueders, Texas.
Date: May 26, 1962

Exterior of Ranch House

Description: Copy negative of the back of the rebuilt John Berry ranch house in 1962. The house has a stone chimney and there is a chair on the back step. There is a note at the top reading, "John's office and fire place, 26 May '62."
Date: May 26, 1962

Rodeo Cowboy

Description: Copy negative of saddle bronco riding at a rodeo. The rider is being thrown from the bucking horse in the arena. Three other men on horseback are in the arena. A crowd watches from the stands. The arena has been identified as the Texas Cowboy Reunion Arena in Stamford, Texas.
Date: unknown

Building Fire

Description: Copy negative of a building fire. In the picture a large group of people are seen standing around looking at a building in flames with a huge smoke cloud covering the building. The building is believed to be the H.O. Wooten Wholesale Grocer, located on North 1st Street and Walnut in Abilene, TX. There is an automobile on the left of the picture, also there is a building in the background with a sign that reads "T.F. Lockett & CO. Standard Implements Staver Vehicles Newton Wagons"
Date: unknown

Church Exterior

Description: Copy negative of the First Episcopal Church of Eliza, New Jersey, viewed from across a street corner. The church is surrounded by other buildings, and there are signs, cars, streetlamps, and people on the sidewalk.
Date: unknown