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Young Woman in Field
Copy negative of Mary Pender in 1908 in a field near Lytle Lake. There are trees in the background and prairie grasslands.
Church Interior with Congregation
Copy negative of the inside of the First Baptist Church at N. 2nd Street and Hickory in Abilene, Texas. The view is from the front, looking back at the congregation. There are two levels, and the pews on the bottom level are full of people. Elwin Skiles is pictured.
Man on Porch
Copy negative of a picture of a man with a pipe standing on the sidewalk in front of a porch and house.
Man and Woman at Cemetery Shrine
Copy negative of a man and woman on a path in a cemetery in the mountains. She is walking away from the camera down the path, and he is standing under a monument structure, with graves on both sides of the path.
Family Portrait
1 copy negative of a family portrait. There are three children and an elderly man in the front of the group. The identified people in the photograph are: George L. Paxton, Dan Moody Jr., H.A. Pender, Weaver, Helen Paxton Moore, George L. Paxton Sr., Mattie Warren, Joy Pender Kutik, Hal Pender and Gabriel Burrus Paxton.
Women's Musical Group
Copy negative of a portrait of musicians and professor. One man stands among the group of women. The women's musical group was a part of Simmons College, known today as Hardin-Simmons University. Those pictured are Beulah Burkett, Professor Lewis, Ora Brumley, Mary Praxton (Pender), Lucille Peek, and Willie Campbell. Some people are unidentified.
Men with Trucks Camping
Copy negative of four men standing in a campsite next to two automobiles. In the foreground there are sleeping pads and in the background there is landscape.
Group Standing on Building Steps
Copy negative of a group photograph of the Hardin-Simmons University Board of Trustees. The two women in the front are Berniece Proctor and Mary Paxton Pender. The man standing to the far right in the first row is R. N. Richardson. Other people shown are Guy Caldwell, E. M. Collier, Dick O'Brien, Leroy Jennings, Tom Roberts, Tata May, C. W. Caldwell, W. B. Irving, J. C. Hunter Jr., John Alvis, W. P. Wright, Mr. Rife, and Solon Featherstone.
Family Portrait
Copy negative of a family portrait of the Paxtons and Penders taken on the front steps at 242 Orange Street in Abilene, Texas. There is a boy on a bicycle, a girl holding a doll, and a woman holding a baby. Pictured are George L. Paxton, Sr., Mattie Warren Paxton, Martha Pender, Hal Pender, Mildred Pender Deaton, Joy Pender Kutik, Helen Paxton Moore, Governor Dan Moody, Mildred Paxton Moody, Mary Paxton Pender, H. A. Pender, George L. Paxton, Jr., and Mitylene McDavid Paxton.
Portrait of Man
Copy negative of a portrait of Hal Pender wearing a suit and glasses.
People at Banquet
Copy negative of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Scott and Mrs. George L. Paxton, Sr. sitting together at a table at a banquet. The people are dressed up with corsages, and there are cups and decorations on the table. There is a photographer's logo printed under the picture.
Men Fishing
Copy negative of two people holding a rack of fish hanging from a long wooden stick. There are three men standing in the background. All people stand on the beach of Don Martin Lake in Mexico.
Graduation Portrait
Copy negative of Mary Paxton Pender in her graduation cap and gown. She graduated from Simmons College, today known as Hardin-Simmons University. She wears a cameo brooch and a high collar.
Home Exterior
Copy negative of a picture of a house at address 240 Hickory in Abilene, Texas, owned by George L. Paxton, Sr. It is a large two story house with trees and a fence around it, viewed from across the street. There are other houses partially visible in the background.
Business Interior with Staff
Copy negative of Cameron and Phillips Hardware store and staff. There is a sign on the wall that reads "studebaker wagons". Twelve men stand in the the hardware store, including Georgeg L. Paxton Sr. Items visible in the store include feeding bowls, pots, ceramic serving utensils, wheelbarrows, wood burning ovens, and lamps. Most men in the photograph are wearing hats and mustaches.
Men Standing on Mesa
Copy negative of six men standing on a mesa. They are carrying equipment.
Group of Men on Sidewalk
Copy negative of Joseph W Pender, Perry Paul Pender, Robert Cecil Pender, Herman Arthur Pender, and Robert B. Pender. All men are wearing suits and stand on a cement porch in front of a building. The building has a wall climbing vine growing on it. In the background, there is a garage with a car parked inside. Four out of the five men are wearing glasses.
Two Boys and Girl
Copy negative of two boys in suits and a girl standing outside next to a building.
Couple in Front of Home
Copy negative of a picture of a house at address 340 Butternut in Abilene, with owners Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Warren standing in front of it on the left. There is a handwritten note at the bottom of the picture.
Picture of Mergoscia
Copy negative of two pictures of town of Mergoscia, Colorado. It is comprised of many buildings on a mountainside, with other mountains in the background.
Work Crew on Truck
Copy negative of a group of thirteen people around a truck. The work crew is in Abilene, Texas. All but one person wears a hat. There are railroad ties on the bed of the truck. There is a flatbed extension attached to the truck hitch.
Business Truck
Copy negative of a J. D. Moore Transfer and Storage truck in front of a warehouse and fence on Cherry Street in Abilene, Texas. There are storage tanks in the background. There is text on the side of the truck advertising the business name and phone number.
Women's Singing Group
Copy negative of a picture of a women's singing group at Simmons College. Included are Cora Wells, Beaulah Burkett, Chloe McBride, Mrs. Dillard, Mary Paxton, Ora Brumley, Willa Lou Darby, and Euna Peyton Colquitt.
Perini Family Headstone
Copy negative of the Perini family headstone in Italy with names and death dates of members of the Perini family, including Cottardo and Maria Domenica, Ciuseppe and Marianna Perini, Giuseppe Perini, and others.
Woman with Baby
Copy negative of a woman facing away holding a baby on her shoulder.
Home Exterior
Copy negative of a picture of a house at address 340 Butternut in Abilene, with Cora Warren, Mamie Pool, Euna Darr, and Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Warren standing in front of the house and on the porch. There is a photography stamp at the bottom of the picture.
Perini Family Shrine
Copy negative of two pictures of Perini family shrines in Italy. The print over the entrance of the first says "Famiglia Perini," and the second says "Coniugi Perini." Both are concrete structures with a metal gate across the front, cross decorations, and a plaque in the back with writing on it. There are mountains in the background.
Family Shot on Front Porch
Copy negative of a family portrait. The individuals shown from left to right, starting in the front, are Louise Warren (Beckett), Eugene Warren Wood, George Warren Scarborough, Helen Paxton Moore, George Paxton Jr., Euna Lee Scarborough (Foreman), Neppie Scarborough, Carroll Wood, Booth Warren, Lawrence Scarborough. The individuals in the second row from left to right are Ralph Darr, Winnie Warren (Coit), Mary Paxton Pender, C. P. Warren, Mrs. Warren, Mildred Paxton Moody, Cora Warren Wood, and Eugene Wood. The third row shows Tom Warren, Mary Lee Booth Warren, Euna Darr, Ada Beth Scarborough, L. R. Scarborough, Neppie Warren Scarborough, Mattie Warren Paxton, and George L. Paxton Sr.
Bud Perini on Horseback
Copy negative of V. C. "Bud" Perini, Jr. riding a horse in a field with a fence, car, and trees in the background.
Older Couple on Bench Outside Building
Copy negative of an old woman and man sitting on a bench next to a building with a window.
Copy negative of the Shrine Mesa Drum Corps marching down the street in a parade in Ranger, Texas. There are decorations over the street and on buildings, and the street is lined with crowds.
Man with Two Cows
Copy negative of a picture of C. B. Parker with his high milk producing Jersey cow "Bonnie" and her calf "Beauty." They are in a pen with trees in the background. There is some text at the bottom describing the record-setting cow. The picture was taken near Simmons College in Abilene, Texas.
High School Reunion
Copy negative of a group of nine people standing outside a building in Clyde, Texas at a High School Reunion. There are a car and motorcycle parked in the background on the right.
People at Oil Well
Copy negative of, from left to right, A. T. Halbert, Linda Berry, and Leonard Gay at the #2 Oil Well in Three Aces Field at the John Berry Lease. The three people are standing on wooden planks with the well on the left and equipment in the area.
Portrait of Child #2
Copy negative of portrait of a young Bomar Wilkinson. He is standing on a woooden chair with a belt around his waist.
Family on Porch
Copy negative of, in order, in the back, J. B. McCarley II and John Berry, and in the front, Ann McCarley and Louise Cory standing on the porch of the house at Berry Ranch.
Portrait of Man
Copy negative of a profile portrait of W. A. Dickinson wearing a suit.
House Construction
Copy negative of John Berry's house being rebuilt in 1962 after a fire on March 8, 1961.
Portrait of Young Man
Copy negative of a portrait of young John Floyd Berry wearing a suit.
Race Car Wreck
Copy negative of two race cars on the track just after having had a wreck. One of them is smoking.
Motorcycle Race
Copy negative of a dirt track motorcycle race in Abilene during the 1920s. There are four visible racers, two in front racing side by side and two others trailing behind. The grandstands in the background are packed full of spectators.
Family on Porch
Copy negative of mother and father Frances and Allen Ater with children Susie and David Ater sitting on the porch steps in front of the door to a house with a kitten.
Oil Well
Copy negative of several unknown men inspecting equipment at an oil well. Various kinds of machinery are visible behind them and there are trees in the background.
Commercial Garage
Copy negative of an automotive shop with a Miller Tires display in the window. There are a car and tools inside.
Car Showroom
Copy negative of a window display in a Chevrolet car showroom. In the window are plants, car parts, and signs. Some of the signs read, "645.Chevrolet", "Motor Chevrolet Cars" and "New Chevrolet Prices". In the background are book-lined shelves.
Copy negative of a car parked on a road with a yard and trees in the background.
Store Window
Copy negative of the display window at the Mingus Brothers Store in Abilene at Easter time 1909. There are signs, clothing, and decorations.
Family Reunion
Copy negative of the Berry Family at Tabor Park in Clyde, Texas. The group includes a man, woman, four young girls and five young boys.
Car Race
Copy negative of race cars and drivers on the track at the starting line with a crowd in the stands. The cars are numbered 14, 8, 20, and 22. The site is by a fairground.
Women's Church Group
Copy negative of a women's church group including Mae Kelly, Mrs George Anderson, Minnie Lokett, Ida Kelly, Mrs Chandler Hall, Mrs M. H. Compere and Mrs Logsdon, and all the women are dressed in nice clothes. They are arranged in two rows and a portrait is shown infront of the women in the first row.