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Three People on Wagon

Description: Copy negative of a man in a suit wearing glasses, a woman in a long-sleeved dress, and a man with striped, button-down shirt and dress pants sitting on the back of a wooden wagon. B. W. Aston is among the three individuals in the wagon.
Date: unknown

Men by Building

Description: Copy negative of a group of men standing outside a building in Smelter, Mexico. Francisco Madero is present. Four men are talking by the doorway, a few are sitting in front of the building, and another group is standing in the back.
Date: unknown

Men with Horses Outside Building

Description: Copy negative of a horse thief's trial held at the Jersey Lilly Saloon by Judge Roy Bean. The court proceedings are taking place on the porch of the saloon, with one man sitting on a barrel. There are men on horses on the left. A horse and a man on a donkey are on the right. There are signs on the front of the building. A paragraph at the bottom explains more about the scene.
Date: unknown

Girls on Bridge; Man, Women, and Baby Outside

Description: Copy negative of 2 images. The first image shows two women wearing long skirts standing on a wooden bridge. The woman on the right is Maldene Reynolds. There are different trees behind the women. The second image shows a man with a baby on his shoulder standing in between two women with floral dresses. A house and trees can be seen behind them.
Date: unknown

Men and Boy

Description: Copy negative of a group of men standing outdoors with a little boy standing on the left. One of the men has bullets strapped to him. There are other men sitting on the left by a fence with produce and a sign.
Date: unknown