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Church Interior with Congregation

Description: Copy negative of the inside of the First Baptist Church at N. 2nd Street and Hickory in Abilene, Texas. The view is from the front, looking back at the congregation. There are two levels, and the pews on the bottom level are full of people. Elwin Skiles is pictured.
Date: unknown

Family Portrait

Description: 1 copy negative of a family portrait. There are three children and an elderly man in the front of the group. The identified people in the photograph are: George L. Paxton, Dan Moody Jr., H.A. Pender, Weaver, Helen Paxton Moore, George L. Paxton Sr., Mattie Warren, Joy Pender Kutik, Hal Pender and Gabriel Burrus Paxton.
Date: unknown

Women's Musical Group

Description: Copy negative of a portrait of musicians and professor. One man stands among the group of women. The women's musical group was a part of Simmons College, known today as Hardin-Simmons University. Those pictured are Beulah Burkett, Professor Lewis, Ora Brumley, Mary Praxton (Pender), Lucille Peek, and Willie Campbell. Some people are unidentified.
Date: unknown

Group Standing on Building Steps

Description: Copy negative of a group photograph of the Hardin-Simmons University Board of Trustees. The two women in the front are Berniece Proctor and Mary Paxton Pender. The man standing to the far right in the first row is R. N. Richardson. Other people shown are Guy Caldwell, E. M. Collier, Dick O'Brien, Leroy Jennings, Tom Roberts, Tata May, C. W. Caldwell, W. B. Irving, J. C. Hunter Jr., John Alvis, W. P. Wright, Mr. Rife, and Solon Featherstone.
Date: unknown