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Men in Yard; Women in Yard

Description: Copy negative of two pictures of a group of people standing in a yard with a tree behind on the left. The first is of only men and includes Floyd T. Buchanan, Scott Lavette Seastrunk, Robert F. Williams, Willie Joe West, and Joe Britian. The second is of only women and includes Irene Teague Britain, Edria Buchanan, Naomi Buchanan Brazil, Menvil Mae Buchanan Seastrunk, Gladys Leo Buchanan Thames, Bertha Leo Buchanan West, and Mary Adeline Xenia Buchanan Williams.
Date: unknown

Mother and Girl in Garden; Birthday Girl

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of Mary Adeline Xenia Buchanan Williams, Nancy Jean West, and Sharon Kay Hamilton in a yard with a fence. The child is sitting on the ground and the adult is standing over her. The second picture is of Nancy Jean West sitting in the yard with a dog and birthday cake. There is a tree, fence, and garden behind her.
Date: unknown

Oil Rig

Description: Copy negative of an unknown man on the platform of an oil rig at Berry Ranch in Clyde, Texas. In the picture there are wires coming and going away from the platform. Also there is a ladder from the platfrom that goes to the bottom of the rig.
Date: unknown

Parents with Baby

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of mother Bobbie Jean Williams Hamilton standing in front of a house, holding baby Sharon Kay Hamilton. The second picture is of father Archie Hamilton kneeling in front of a house and bushes, holding baby Sharon Kay Hamilton.
Date: unknown

People on Porch

Description: Copy negative of people gathered on a cabin porch. The group includes three men, three women and a little girl. One pregnant woman is standing and touching a man's head. Everyone else is seated except for the girl who is standing between a man's legs.
Date: unknown

People Outside; Women on Rock

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is of Menvil Mae and Bertha Leo Buchanan walking away in a snowy field with a fence and a house in the background. The second is of Artie Day, Vida Teague, Millie Teague, Ethel Iola Buchanan, and young Menvil Mae Buchanan sitting on a rock with a parasol. The names of those pictured are written at the top of the pictures.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of "The Tree" Plaque]

Description: Photograph of the metal plaque screwed into the petrified tree stump on the Hardin-Simmons University campus. The plaque reads, "The Tree: The petrified tree stump, a gift of the Class of 1919, was taken from the sand beds near Clyde, Texas, and brought to the campus by the late D. O. Riddle and several classmates."
Date: [1919..]

Portrait of Four Women and a Man

Description: Copy negative of four women, Harriet Cumi Black, Emily Teeple, Ada Cook and one man, Lewis Boydst. This group portrait was taken inside a home. The women are sitting in wicker chairs while Lewis Boydst stands in the back with his hand at his hip. The women are wearing dresses with large sleeves and there hair is pulled back, two with visible ribbons. The man is wearing a dark jacket with a light shirt. An animal skin lays as a rug on the floor.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Girl; Men and Women by Car

Description: Copy negative of two pictures. The first is a portrait of little Beverly Buchanan taken in Beaumont in 1941. The second is of Douglas, Ronnie, Beverly, Alma, and Hubert Henry Buchanan standing on a sidewalk near cars, bushes, and a tree with houses in the background, taken in Putnam 1951.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Man

Description: Copy negative of a full length portrait of B. F. Mayes in a suit standing with a rusting style chair, on a textured rug, and with a background made to look like the outdoors. "W. Fischer's, Extra Finish, Photo Car." is printed at the bottom of the picture.
Date: unknown

Portrait of Seven Women

Description: Copy negative of seven women sitting for a portrait. All of the women have their hair pulled back and dresses with ruffles. Three of the women in the image are Harriet Cumi Black, Emily Teeple, and Ada Cook, the rest of the women are unknown. All of the women are looking in different directions.
Date: unknown