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Townspeople in Front of Eastland Courthouse

Description: Copy photograph of a large group of people outside the Eastland courthouse. The group is entirely male except for three women, each wearing a white dress, standing beneath the far right arch of the courthouse facade. Some of the men are seating in bleachers, and some wear suits and ties. There is one white horse wearing a saddle in the crowd, in the the background behind a fence are several more horses.
Date: unknown

Women and Man in Field

Description: Copy negative of 4 women and one man in a field. The women are Lelia Knight, Jewel Pierce, and Annie Mae Seastrunk, and the man is Scott Seastrunk. The women are all wearing dresses and standing. Scott is wearing glasses, a wide tie, and striped shirt. He is sitting on the ground.
Date: unknown

Young Man; Man and Woman in Field

Description: 1 copy negative of 2 images. Image A is of a Scott Lavette Seastrunk as a young man. He is wearing a suit and tie and a hat. He is holding something in his hands. Image B is of Scott Lavette Seastrunk, Lelia Knight and an unknown woman. They are sitting in a field. The women are wearing dresses and Scott is wearing slacks and a long sleeved shirt with a wide tie. A hat sits in his lap.
Date: unknown