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Farmers with Their Crops

Description: Photograph of several farmers harvesting crops in Runnels County, TX. One man is operating a tractor that is cutting the crop. It is going through a chute into a truck to the side. One man is in the back of the truck moving the grain around with a shovel.
Date: 1959


Description: Photograph of a pile of grain next to a metal building. Metal pipes attached to the building are running down into the pile of grain. A metal pipe with pulleys attached are leading from the grain into the back of a semi-truck. A man is standing beside the truck. In the foreground, there is a truck in front of the building. In the background, there is a field of crops.
Date: 1959

School Pictures

Description: Copy negative of the portrait of William Edward and Mary Evelyn Perkins. There are two images, the left one is of young boy wearing a suit and tie. The one on the right is of a young woman wearing a dotted dress.
Date: unknown

Train and Farm Machinery

Description: Photograph of a train stopped near storage bins to fill the cars with harvested grain. A line of boxcars is on the tracks near the bins. Several automobiles and a tractor are parked near the tracks. Further down is a large natural gas or propane container.
Date: 1959

Truck Unloading Grain

Description: Photograph of three men unloading grain from a trailer attached to a truck. One man is standing beside a piece of farming machinery, and the other two are leaning on the trailer. In the background, there are piles of grain, buildings, and a windmill.
Date: 1959