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Horses in Field

Description: Copy negative of three horses in a field in front of a pond at John Berry's ranch taken in the late 1950's. The pinto in the middle is children's horse Polly, and the one on the right is a yearling.
Date: 1950~

Kids Playing Football

Description: Copy negativeo of Tommy Cook and his friends. there are two images in the negative, the first one shows five kids playing football in a neighborhood. two of them are wearing football helmets, and in the background there is an automobile, houses and trees. The second image shows a group of children around a table that has a cake on it. One of the children is holding a football. In the background there are houses and an automobile parked on the street.
Date: unknown

Man and Girl by Auto

Description: Copy negative of a young girl, Joan Berry, and her uncle, John Berry, posing beside a vehicle in Clyde, Texas. John is leaning against the auto, wearing a hat, and smoking a pipe, while Joan stands on the wheel well wearing a dress and sandals.
Date: unknown

Man and Woman in Yard

Description: Copy negative of William Andrew Buchanan and Nancy Boles Buchanan at their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. They are dressed up, standing together behind some bushes, with trees, a car, and a building in the background.
Date: unknown

Man by Car; Baby Picture; School Pictures; School Pictures; Young Woman

Description: Copy negative of four pictures. The picture on the left is of Louis Maurice Williams standing beside a car with a house on the right, taken in 1947 in Putnam, Texas. The top middle picture is a portrait of baby Bobbie Jean Williams sitting in a chair, taken in 1928 in Abilene, Texas. The bottom middle picture is a school picture of Bobbie Jean Williams taken in 1934 in Abilene. The picture on the right is of Bobbie Jean Williams standing in a yard with trees, houses, and a car behind her, taken in 1945 in Abilene.
Date: unknown

Man in Yard

Description: Copy negative of G. W. Slaughter standing in a yard. In the background are two wooden cabins with a buggy in-between them. Mr. Slaughter is wearing dark clothing and suspenders.
Date: unknown