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[Class Photograph of Students at the School in Haslet, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a group of elementary students at the school in Haslet, Texas. The students are arranged in four rows; the first row is seated on the ground, the second and third are seated on a small set of bleachers, and the fourth row is standing behind the first three. The text on the back of the photo describes two children that have appeared in other class photographs from different years.
Date: 1948?

[Haslet High School Baccalaureate Service]

Description: Program from the baccalaureate service for the Haslet High School class of 1941-42; this program outlines the order of events and the names of the people who will be performing each action. Names of the graduating class are listed on the reverse side of the program though not in the order that they walked in.
Date: {1941,1942}

[Haslet Methodist Church]

Description: Photograph of a large group of unidentified people in front of a rural church building that was built in 1910. Children are positioned on ground, women are positioned in the middle and men are positioned standing up. A portion of the roof and chimney are visible. There is a visible door on the left of the photograph and a set of visible doors on the right of the photograph. An outside light and two windows are visible in the photograph.
Date: [1945]

[Newspaper Article Concerning the First Bale of Cotton in 1949]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article entitled: "Bell May Get First Bale of 1949 Cotton." This article discusses the first bale of cotton being picked in Tarrant County by Guy Bell, Jr. of Saginaw; the rest of the article discusses his father winning the award in the past and the far that he operates on. The prize for the previous year's winner was "a championship belt buckle, $105 in cash and $25 in merchandise."
Date: 1949

[Photograph of a Group of Young Students]

Description: Class photograph of young students at the school in Haslet, Texas; these students are arranged in three rows, two are seated and those in the third are standing in the back on either side of the teacher. The text on the reverse side of the photograph talks about one of the boys in this picture who may have appeared in another class photograph around the same year.
Date: 1949

[Unidentified group of people]

Description: Photograph of large unidentified group of people. They are visibly posing in front of and on a porch. There are windows, columns, a door, front steps and light bulb visible on the building. Part of the roof is even visible. Most of the men are sitting down on the porch or front stoop and are wearing suits and ties. Most of the women are standing inside the porch and are wearing dresses. There are bushes on either side of the front stoop. This is stamped on the back of the photograph: "Skeet Richardson Photos, 1326 N. Main St., Fort Worth 6, Tex., Jan 13 1948, For additional prints, Order No. 8878-7."
Date: 1948

[Unidentified group of women]

Description: Photograph of unidentified group of women sitting inside of a home. In the front of the photograph, there are two rows of women sitting down. At the back of the photograph, there is one row of women standing up. They are all wearing dresses. Within the home, there is visible a portrait, curtains, a hutch with a model sail boat on top, wallpaper and bells. There are unidentified objects on the left and right hand side of the photograph. This is stamped on the back of the photograph: "Skeet Richardson Photos, 1326 N. Main St., Fort Worth 6, Tex., Jan 13 1948, For additional prints, Order No. 8878-7."
Date: 1948